Blue in the face.

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Blue in the face.

You could argue with a theist until you're blue in the face but if their faith is deeply held you'll get nowhere.

A change in their belief must come subsequent to a self-realization that what they previously believed was the truth is, in fact, a lie. Children are not born religious; it's what they are told by their parents in their formative years and then by organized religion that makes them "believe" in a supernatural entity that is responsible for the existence of everything around us.

The conversion to Atheism and the real truth must come from examination of what they've been told and the realization of how ludicrous it is.

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"You could argue with a

"You could argue with a theist until you're blue in the face but if their faith is deeply held you'll get nowhere"

To an extent, I disagree. One, more frequently than not, is unable to determine the impact of the debate / argument. When one challenges someone, it very well could be the seed that starts the move toward scepticism.

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I agree, subconsciously the

I agree, subconsciously the thought of a theist suddenly realizing what they were taught as a child is false from one discussion rarely happens. More often than not, it is a process of attrition from a variety of sources over a span of years. One example is the story of Noah’s Ark. It has been helpful in bringing many theists out of their stupor over a period of time as the inconsistencies (there are many) are pointed out by different people through the years. There are so many problems with the ark story many theists avoid discussing it, but later admit it was one of the reasons they quit believing.

That being said, I can certainly sympathize with Iainmac’s frustration when people who seem logical in other aspects of their lives shut down their reasoning skills and refuse to acknowledge the obvious.

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Yep it always helps to have

Yep it always helps to have an other openion on the matter even if it is ignored in most cases.

With enough "attrition" cracks would start to appear in the dam, and with enough cracks, the entire dam will fall.

On the other hand, there are some people that unless something drastic happens to them personally, they would "shut down their reasoning skills and refuse to acknowledge the obvious."

So yes good point here Iainmac and ImFree.

This is the result of brainwashing, and for whoever thinks that brainwashing is a lie or ineffective:
(credit to pragmatic)

Brainwashing can make Christians go out of their house without underwear, eat grass like a sheep and let pastors actually walk on them like a carpet.

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It is mazing how religion can

It is amazing how religion can influence people to do some crazy things LOL.

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