Books into other languages

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Books into other languages

Hi everyone, my name is Daniel and I just made my account in here after reading "Your God is Too Small" and that's what I want to talk about.
I enjoyed that book so much that I wanted to share it with people that I know. But the problem is that most of them don't speak English so I think that would be interesting to start translating books into other languages. Maybe some of us could translate single articles of some books and then send them to the admin to create the translated version of the books.
Of course this is a suggestion to the admins so they can talk about it with the authors and if they agree the hole community could start translating books into other languages.
Just a thought :)

PD. Excuse me if there is already a project or something like that, I didn't know about it.


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Copyright laws would probably

Copyright laws would probably prevent this.

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On a side note: the Atheist

On a side note: the Atheist Republic is looking for translators:

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