Brain damage and religious fundamentalism

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Yeah, I thought a student in psychology would know those things also. A person can suffer from different mental disorders.

Take PTSD. During my research to write my paper "Soul Shatter: The Hidden Effects of Severe Physical and Psychological Trauma," I found that PTSD combines the effects of Major Depressive Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, and Dissociative Disorder. Sometimes even Schizophrenic Delusion Disorder. However, the Dissociative and Schizophrenic problems stem from the fact that the PTSD sufferer can "literally" re-live the incident. In addition to all of those, the PTSD can lead to Substance Abuse Disorder (yes even I went through this).

Besides, did he not say he was working on his Master's in psychology? And he does not know these things? Wow.

I only took a total of seven courses in psychology and I know these things. Yet, my specialty is Volcanology/Seismology.

And here is good one for those interested, the mental disorders caused by religion now has a new name RTD, Religious Trauma Disorder. Or something like that. It is akin to PTSD, but its root cause is the mental rape, emotional molestation, and psychological terrorism instilled by the Absolutist Indoctrination Process.


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I was religious when I was

I was religious when I was younger. Isn't that evidence enough?

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Hey, Cog, just a little word

Hey, Cog, just a little word of advice. When you hear the typewriter go *ding*, it does not mean you get a treat. It means you should move the typing bar back across to your right. Now wipe that drool from your chin and get back to work.....*mumbling to self while walking away*.... geez. gonna have to start calling him Pavlov if he keeps this up....*grumble-grumble*...

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Oh! It's the typewriter

Oh! It's the typewriter making that sound. I guess I can stop running to the front door now. And I almost feel guilty about the two kids I chased down the street and locked in the trunk of my car, now that I know they were not the ones ringing the doorbell. I kinda want to let them go. At the same time it's a real Schrödinger's cat moment. They have been in there a week. Hmmm? What should I do?

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@Cog Re: Kids in trunk

@Cog Re: Kids in trunk

Personally, I would not open the trunk. Let them stay in there. That way, there is always a chance they are still okay. However, just the act of opening the trunk could potentially change that. So why take the chance? Although, if it starts smelling funny after awhile, I would suggest taking it directly to the scrap yard, have it put directly into the shredder, and then go buy a new car. Again, just a suggestion.

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Sounds good. At the same

Sounds good. At the same time, the neighbors are Appellation. I was thinking of a tailgate party BBQ. These guys eat road kill. If I just toss in come coals set it all on fire, and buy the first case of beer, I'm sure the evidence will be gone by morning. Along with my car.

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I've read before that there

I've read before that there is a link between low IQ and religious fundamentalism, but not between being religious and being non-religious. More intelligent religious people tend to not be such fundamentalist literalists. On the other side, low IQ non-religious types tend to buy into conspiracy theories such as Jesus coming for Horus, while intelligent unbelievers tend to look more at science to arrive at conclusions.

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See if you are able to find

See if you are able to find the primary source on that. There's a lot I can say on the subject, but I'll be shooting in the dark without the source.

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I will look into that when I

I will look into that when I get a moment. I could have been thinking of education, and not IQ (I'm going from memory here from what I've heard on the CBC radio, and remember now that I have also read that atheists tend to be more likely to think for themselves because they reject the religion of their parents, so it stands to reason they would have higher IQs to think beyond what they're told).

P.S. Here is education and religion graph:

And IQ and %atheist...

I'll do more research later...

EDIT: If religious people are less intelligent, then we should expect to see far more religious people doing jobs that require no thinking or skills like being roofers. From my anecdotal experience, roofers and plumbers and the like are about the least religious professions I've come across. I could be wrong, but that's just how it seems to me.


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