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I was wondering if I was the only person who believes that Buddhism isn't a religion. What do you guys think about Buddhism?

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Id say its a religion but the

Id say its a religion but the only religion that has value imo

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it depends which version of

it depends which version of Buddhism, but most are pacifistic and focus on wisdom.
It is more of a philosophy rather then a religion.

I respect it because it respects knowledge instead of trying it's best to hinder progress and knowledge like religion does.

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Most schools of anthropology

Most schools of anthropology and sociology consider Buddhism a religions since most all schools have specific doctrine and ceremonies which are two major components of a religion, but Buddhism does not require a belief in god-claims.

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All forms of Buddhism adopt

All forms of Buddhism adopt what is termed 'The Eight-Fold Path'

While not all agree on the final three legs, there is broad acceptance on the first five:

Right view
Right intention

Right speech
Right action
Right livelihood

Right effort
Right mindfulness
Right concentration

Most cities have some form of Buddhist temple that can expand on these essential doctrines and give you some insight into the nature of the local ceremonies which differ widely as the religion progresses from the Indian subcontinent and travels across Asia.

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Thats why i said its the only

Thats why i said its the only religion with real value. I dont see any harm comming from buddism unless its drastically altered, could happen look at the bible ot is drastically different from nt.

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