Can this forum be used to ask personal questions, unrelated to atheism

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Can this forum be used to ask personal questions, unrelated to atheism

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Extract from top of the

Extract from top of the FORUMS page.....

"We encourage discussion about any and all topics as long as it abides by our forum guidelines. You can ask questions, request input, present a challenging topic for debate or share an idea."

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Best I can tell so far,

Best I can tell so far, doesnt seem to be much of anything off limits. LOL Still, just because you ask, does not necessarily mean anybody will answer. Although, considering some of the various minds on this site, that could actually be a good thing. LOL

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There is the debate forum and

There is the debate forum and there is the Atheist Hub. The Hub is there for that purpose.

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You mean.... another personal

You mean.... another personal question?

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Okay, okay, OKAY!....FINE! If you are too embarrassed to just come on out and ask, then I'll simply go ahead and tell you....

Yes. I DID get noticeably aroused during the scene where Dorothy was using the oil can to loosen my joints. Matter of fact, we had to do several retakes, and much of that footage (Get it? "Footage." *wink-wink*) ended up on the editing room floor to keep the movie from being R-rated. So, there. Now you know. Happy?
(Uh, that WAS the personal question you had, right?)

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