Catholic Church continues the abuse

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Catholic Church continues the abuse

A bit of sanity appears to have broken out in the Michigan state legislature. There is a bill to extend the statute of limitations on sexual abuse. It would lift it entirely for abuse suffered as a child and significantly lengthen it for adult sexual abuse. This is extremely important legislation and hopefully will spread. Sexual abuse, especially of children, is an insidious evil in our society. The abused experience the fear and degradation over and over, no matter whether the abuse continues. They are left with years of loss of self worth, suspicion, inability to form emotional attachments. Many become self destructive in the form of drug abuse, self mutilation and even suicide. It takes years to come to terms with the violation and by that time, there is usually no avenue for justice. Not only has the statute basically absolved the abuser, but the public humiliation, especially for men, is too great.
The #metoo movement as well as this type of legislation are a sign that there is some basic decency and compassion in our society. The Michigan Senate has passed the bill. It only remains for the House to follow suit.
So who could oppose such a forward thinking, compassionate bill? For one, our old friend, the Catholic Church. This bastion of power that supposedly defends the defenseless says it fears the bill “will open doors which have been closed.” Uh, yeah. That’s the whole point. A Michigan legislator has stated “the Catholic Church has a lot to be worried about.” No shit.
The Catholic Church has shown that it is glad to export child abuse around the world by reassigning predatory clergy time and again. But this rises to be the most despicably kind of hypocrisy ever. This church which was supposedly started by Jesus, who exhorted us to care for the children, tend to the widow and orphan, minister to those in need, this church has decided its pocketbook is more important that its whole reason for being. By this act they have abandoned whatever moral high ground they may have once occupied and slithered into the sewer where they belong.
As a sexual abuse survivor I call bullshit on them. For shame. If there were a Jesus or loving god, this would not be their representative. This is the organization that fights marriage equality; that sees women as less than men; that opposes condom use in AIDS stricken countries; that sanctifies a self serving woman who schemed to keep poverty stricken people in pain and misery. The evil and moral bankruptcy that is the Catholic Church has long passed its expiration date. It needs to be swept into the dustbin of history along with likeminded organizations such as the Nazis and KKK. Thank you for reading. I feel better now.

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Well said Dancing Fool!

Well said Dancing Fool!

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"The evil and moral

"The evil and moral bankruptcy that is the Catholic Church has long passed its expiration date. It needs to be swept into the dustbin of history along with likeminded organizations such as the Nazis and KKK. Thank you for reading. I feel better now."

Me too, well said.

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Just wish such could get

Just wish such could get passed in North Carolina. The Baptist Bible Belters are still too politically powerful.


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Yeah I live in NC too.

Yeah I live in NC too.

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I live out west now. Work at

I live out west now. Work at Yellowstone. But I did live in NC for about a total of 35 years. Beautiful state. Just that most of the people suck. Not including atheists/rationalists.


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No you DON'T want most of

No you DON'T want most of these bills. They are counter productive. The effect is to gut the social services provided by the non-profits and public services and transfer the money to a handful of victims and their lawyers. I can hunt up the link

Do some good - SUE FOR THE RECORDS so you can track down the predators.

The PA bishops blatantly lied about PA Bill 1947. They forced all the parishes to publish notices that the bill targeted ONLY non-profits and let the public organizations off scot free. (It was an awful bill.) If you actually read the bill, it explicitly stated that Sovereign Immunity was to be waived so that public entities COULD be sued. As far as I can tell, the campaign was led by Philadelphia archbishop Slap You.

Bill Donahue, of the Catholic League, (a friend calls him Slap You's mouthpiece) stated that the "bill had only ONE purpose - TO STICK IT TO CATHOLICS!" - So Bill Donahue believes that pedophilia is a right and a privilege exclusive to Catholics?! He also believes in 'Catholic Astrology'

Donahue still believes Catholics should be allowed to rape children protesting the GA bill.

I complained to my priest; who then handed out another Bill Donahue Essay - "Womens' Moral Descent' with the theme that men have the right and moral obligation to determine which women deserve to be raped.

That is when I fled the Church in terror and later found the Canon law reference that shows how the Church 'legalized' pedophilia.

Archbishop Slap You was just chosen by the American bishops to be their representative to the Sin Nod on (pant, pant, drool) Youth.

I started protesting with a petition outside my local Church. I told one lady - Bill Donahue - "Where's the pen?!"

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Mrs. Paul Owczarek: "No you

Mrs. Paul Owczarek: "No you DON'T want most of these bills."

To Hell I don't. I think they should actually be toughened. Especially against the organized Absolutists. I have absolutely no forgiveness for what they did to me for 7 years as a child. Especially the ones who did what they did to me, I feel they deserve nothing less than execution.


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What canon law is this? I’d

What canon law is this? I’d like to look into it. Thanks

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You can always picket the

You can always picket the churches.

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I am picketing the church.

I am picketing the church.

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