Catholic Church Takes Another Blow in Australia

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Catholic Church Takes Another Blow in Australia

Very happy about this judgement, it will also open the floodgates. If the Church was not subsidised heavily by the government it would be in pieces and bankrupt.

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Yes, and the reason the

Yes, and the reason the Church should, and has to, pay is because it didn't refer every single case to the police.

And every single accuser - to the police.

And every single parent who walked into the church with an accusation about the rape of their child - to the police.

And every single hearsay gossip monger who claimed they had information - to the police.

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2 lion apologist

2 lion apologist

Look you piece of shit...did you not read the Royal Commission reports of all the instances where reports of abuse were made to the police...and...the good catholic sergeants, inspectors and commissioners refused, neglected or were ordered not to take them further?

Your last line just shows what a fucking nasty piece of shit you are. Read the testimonies, people, "gossip mongers" i.e informants were threatened by the church and the police in many instances.

Have you actually read ANY of the Royal Commission? I recommend you do before you crawl off to your next confession. Wanker.

Fuck me I despair.

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I watched the Royal Commission when questioning the Watchtower and Bible Society (Jehovah’s Witnesses). Fuckers!!! They use to always highlight the Catholics (“evidence” against their form of “faith”)...until the damn burst on them...

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@ Lion IRC

@ Lion IRC

"Yes, and the reason the Church should, and has to, pay is because it didn't refer every single case to the police."

And they should have.

To self-investigate stinks of malfeasance and corruption. The only true investigation requires an independent third party, in this case the police. An independent investigation sorts out who is making false accusations, who is guilty, who is innocent, and who is attempting a cover-up.

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Agreed. Completely.

Agreed. Completely.
(Glad I said it first.)

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The reason they should pay,

The reason they should pay, is because children are being raped by church employees. Culpability is evidenced as responsibility of the same basically the church is raping children. The church rapes the appropriate for such an immoral institution for such an immoral crime. The real question should be, is when the law is going to protect innocent children from the church child rape machine.

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Covering up child abuse/rape

Covering up child abuse/rape makes you an accessory after the fact.
Any church hierarchy who did so in a foolish and incompetent attempt to protect the reputation of The Church were actually doing complete OPPOSITE.

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THE problem with Child abuse in the Catholic church (at least) is that it has been going on for centuries as far as I can tell. Imo it is not now and has never been restricted to the Catholic church

The denials and cover ups became systemic. From the beginning up to and including now, the Catholic Church simply believed that canon law trumps civil law.

The church, from other clergy up turned a blind eye, or if reported say to a bishop, the culprit made his confession, was forgiven and moved. I can't remember when I Iast read about a priest being defrocked for child abuse before the matter had been made public.

It seems to me that up to now, the church convinced itself that it had done nothing wrong so continued with the cover ups.

The measures finally taken are far too little far too late. The church has had to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to wherever it is right now.

Imo the Catholic church specifically, became corrupt almost from the start. It invented priests, and a hierarchy. From there it created a legalistic and ritualised religion, which then became obscenely wealthy, very powerful and above the law.

Imo, 'sheep' is a most appropriate name for Catholic believers . Now more so than ever.

Having said all that . Imo child abuse continues wherever men have power over children. I have no idea about a solution to this endemic problem within our society.

IMO That reality does not for an instant absolve the Catholic church of behaviour which can only be described as evil . I mention the rest lest we become complacent.


My reference; 'The Case Of The Pope' by Geoffrey Robertson QC

"In The Case of the Pope Geoffrey Robertson QC delivers a devastating indictment of the way the Vatican has run a secret legal system that shields paedophile priests from criminal trial around the world.
Is the Pope morally or legally responsible for the negligence that has allowed so many terrible crimes to go unpunished? Should he and his seat of power, the Holy See, continue to enjoy an immunity that places them above the law?"

Geoffrey Robertson QC, a distinguished human rights lawyer and judge, evinces a deep respect for the good works of Catholics and their church. But, he argues, unless Pope Benedict XVI can divest himself of the beguilements of statehood and devotion to obsolescent canon law, the Vatican will remain a serious enemy to the advance of human rights.

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Your time line is off. The

Your time line is off. The Church always had pedophiles just like any group.

The systemic coverup started 100 years ago.

The Australian canon lawyer and the sociologist published two documents. The first is a legal report entitled “Canon Law – A Systemic Factor in Child Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church.” (Free download from National Catholic Reporter) written for the Australian government. The second is the lay version “Potiphar’s Wife.” (Buy on line for real money). I verified the information with the author of the second book and the legal firm from the movie Spotlight. A third is “Child Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church; An Interpretive Review of the Literature and Public Inquiry Report” another free download through the Center for Global Research; School of Global, Urban and Social Studies, RMIT Both books thoroughly document how the vatican ORDERED the bishops to protect the pedophiles starting 100 years ago. They include more detail on the Pontifical Secret that Francis just abolished. &

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@Lion IRX, unashamed

@Lion IRX, unashamed supporter of the immoral act of rape of innocent children.

It is beyond my reason to think, that anyone on any board, is supporting child rape. Yet here you are.

Look where your deluded belief, apologetic irrationality and immorality has brought you...supporting child rape.

You are disgusting.

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"With or without religion,

"With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil—that takes religion."

Louise Weinberg

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Defamatory post by fake user

Defamatory post by fake user pseudonym 'A' accusing fake pseudonym 'B' of...[insert slander here]
Fair enough. It's just the atheosphere.
Tell me doG, are you an unashamed supporter of scalpels being used to dismember living unborn human babies?

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Still supporting the

Still supporting the immorality your religion incites IC. Having no shame on this topic, equals immoral belief. You should be ashamed, yet you stand here proudly. Your religion fails you.

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"The Christian Brothers

"The Christian Brothers admitted liability on the first day of the trial, but sought to reduce the sum of money that should be paid, arguing that Mr Lawrence's early childhood experiences, including his mother's abandonment of him, meant he had poor economic and educational prospects regardless of the abuse."

Christ almighty...words fail me. Next time a theist claims moral ascendancy in any way, I'd be obliged if as many people as possible quoted that extraordinary repugnant immoral response from the self proclaimed bastion and arbiters of god's perfect morality.

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You can quote this as well.

You can quote this as well. This is the heartfelt letter of support to the priest who impregnated the teenage girl and procured an abortion for her. The US bishops just voted last fall the abortion is the "preeminent issue" in the Catholic Church. Except of course if they choose to force the girl to get an abortion. Their entire pro-life movement can be summarized as - Only MEN get to murder unborn children and their mothers while they are at it. If we complain, they will take away our access to health care and REALLY rack up the death rate. That'll learn us to get uppity!

I was treated as vermin to be removed because I had a protest sign. Bishop Timlin was having a great time palling around with his buddies.

From the PA AG report: 10/9/1986
Reverend Thomas D. Skotek
Saint Stanislaus' Rectory
652 Carson Street
Hazleton, Pennsylvania 10201
Dear Father Skotek,
It is with sadness and deep .regret that I accept your resignation as Pastor of Saint ...
This is a very difficult time in your life, and I realize how upset you are. I too share your grief. How I wish it were not necessary to take this step. With the help of God, who never abandons us and who is always near when we need him, this too will pass away, and all will be able to pick up and go on living. Please be assured that I am most willing to do whatever I can to help
Sincerely yours In Christ,
Most Reverend James C. Timlin, D.D.
Bishop of Scranton

This monster may have been the one who confirmed my son!

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The Catholic Church is

The Catholic Church is subsidized by the Australian government????

Please explain. I heard the Church was using the orphanages for aboriginal children as cash cows. But not anything about subsides.

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Some people think tax

Some people think tax exemption for charities = subsidizing the church.
Its not.

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Various State governments and

Various State governments and Federal governments have granted enormous amounts of land to Catholic organisations, Notre Dame has millions in Real estate granted by th corrupt Bourke administration in Western Australia, Millions more in NSW.
The tax breaks are granted to businesses set up and run by the subsidies granted to catholic schools much in excess of public schools. Never mind the tax exempt status on ALL income granted to the church over the years which amounts to billions.

Oh and hasn't the Bishop of Broome just had to stand down? why was that?

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@ Old man

@ Old man

And do not think they do not set up dummy corporations they use to invest in other enterprises. The Mormons have 38 billion in investments.

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In the USA, the courts have

In the USA, the courts have ruled many times that tax exemptions/breaks are subsidies.

/e: perhaps even more important, the IRS says the same thing.

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"The Catholic Church is

"The Catholic Church is subsidized by the Australian government????

@Mrs P

"Please explain. I heard the Church was using the orphanages for aboriginal children as cash cows. But not anything about subsides."

Well yes.

Apart from not paying any tax, all religious schools in Australia are subsidised by the the tax payers. The government has no money, it all belongs to 'we the people' .

To say I'm livid, at the churches' tax free status and their taxpayer subsidies is a gross understatement .


Quote below from a leaflet put out by the NATIONAL CATHOLIC EDUCATION COMMISSION:

Funding for all schools in all sectors is calculated
using the same needs-based measure – the
Schooling Resource Standard (SRS).
Each school’s SRS is calculated according
to the needs of its students, starting with a
base amount - $11,343 per primary student
or $14,254 per secondary student plus extra
funding for six types of disadvantage.
So a primary school educating many
disadvantaged students may have an SRS of
more than $17,000 per student, while another
educating highly advantaged students may have
an SRS of less than $12,000 per student.
The SRS is a funding target and was introduced
in 2014. For many state and territory
governments, it represents a big jump in their
school funding commitments as they are the
majority funders of public schools which educate
two-thirds of all students. Meeting the SRS is
therefore being phased in over several years with federal assistance"

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These are lawyers arguing

These are lawyers arguing with lawyers about insurance company money.
Obviously its going to get ugly.

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@ Lying thru teeth

@ Lying thru teeth

And you are using apologetics to defend the corruption of your church.

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It was "ugly" prior to the

It was "ugly" prior to the crimes that were committed. That's the whole point you are missing.

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@Old man …….

@Old man …….

I've been holding onto these links for a few days now..... I found them all on the 17th Feb...… I didn't post before because its hardly news any longer ….. just business as usual in the Catholic Church.... (it did get to me that all three episodes were reported on line on the same day )

"Christian Brothers sent cleric to Africa despite knowing he had abused children"

"Church apologises after schools learned of priest's conviction through media"

"Pervert Workington priest Peter Turner: MP calls for answers"

Same old, same old

but it did put me in mind of the quote by H.L.Menken ……

“Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”

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@Mrs. Paul Owczarek

@Mrs. Paul Owczarek
"The Catholic Church is subsidized by the Australian government????
Please explain. I heard the Church was using the orphanages for aboriginal children as cash cows. But not anything about subsides."

The catholic church, & all religious institutions are exempt from paying tax, & council rates, & gawd knows what else. They dont even have to open their books for scrutiny. This is a subsidy, which everybody pays for, even myself as an atheist are contributing to the catholic church through my taxes & rates, & it stinks!

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@Lion IRC - "Some people

@Lion IRC - "Some people think tax exemption for charities = subsidizing the church.
Its not."

The catholic church is NOT a charity. It is a multi billion dollar business, the original italian mafia, that scams people out of their hard earned money. If the catholic church was a legitimate business, & not a religion, it would have been out of business a long long time ago for breaches of the marketing regulations.

Like most religions, the so called 'charity work' is used to try to convert others, & is usually nothing more than a marketing exercise.
If the catholic church had to pay tax, like all the other responsible businesses do, they would contribute far more to society than they do now, because I doubt that the charity work they do uses as much money from their coffers as paying tax would!

Most of the charity work funding does NOT come out of the vatican coffers. The money comes from outside donors.

In fact I have heard of cases where the funding of certain charity work performed by nuns, where money has been donated by outside donors for the particular cause, & where only a portion of the funds gets spent on the charity work, & the rest of the funds disappears into the vatican.

The catholic churches opposition of the use of condoms & birth control of any kind, is also partly responsible for millions of unwanted pregnancies, & a widespread aids epidemic in Africa.

The catholic church was built on the biggest con in the history of mankind, & nothing at all has changed. It is a thoroughly corrupt & immoral church.

Now that I have lambasted the catholic church, I will say that there are some very good people who came from the church who do do excellent charity work, such as Bob Maguire of the Father Bob Maguire Foundation. However again, the foundation relies on funding from outside the church, & I am not sure how much, if ANY funding comes from the institution of the catholic church itself. My guess is none. This foundation also gets a good deal of its funding from secular sources, such as businesses.

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