a challenge There is inevitably a Creator There is no evolution

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a challenge There is inevitably a Creator There is no evolution

Greetings to you brothers:
My friends, you call for the absence of the Creator of the universe ???? This means a single thing ... It is absurd to excellence .... The order is arranged by the order of the order of this degree be by one of the stages supervised by the formation
When the matter is without Musharraf ... everything is absurd on its own without the supervision of one, scientists put theories to form the universe ... These theories explain the ideas and hypotheses on the formation of life, objects, etc.
It is important to take into account it ... is very important ... When you read those theories ... feel ridicule and disgust of the owners ... As long as absurd as you call ..... Even what you say is a path, a path and a map taken by life To get to this point that we are now (who reads the theories finds infinite accuracy in drawing the plan Haha as if his books is the most honorable of the universe). Funny
For example: natural evolution ... from simple evolution to complex evolution, the idea on which theory relies on the interpretation of these organisms ... surprisingly dumb, who wrote theory stupid person par excellence. Certain among them means random? Mother unit manufacturer? ..
Instead of thinking about a very important thing, that these organisms, by sharing all those qualities from an ant to an elephant, means one maker, think of something else that is far from rationality. The stage of evolution has emerged !!!! Why now?
As long as it is absurdly absurd, why did the absurdity arise at that stage, and the organisms began to evolve into species? The very important question of my brothers: If it were absurd, the law of probability must be applied in order to obtain agreement among all objects in the common characteristics of the objects Which are countless of many,
It is my brother's position in the development of these theories is to see something and find a hypothesis to form this in the current form ... But these theories do not always agree reality because the author of the theory is the hypothesis of consensus (access to the current reality) but do not agree the logic of all things. Life seems to have passed away and has not taken into account the great mistakes
Which will be produced in order to obtain such an agreement.
(Such as Mars, for example, if Mercury was a life), the presence of 1,000 human beings in a different physical order, one hand, for example, a man's eye and life, very wondrous things worth contemplating just how random to come out like this Regardless of the theories of the writer, many stages of thinking about how to originate (never unreasonable) are summarized. Even in all living organisms,
Mind: There is a Creator inevitably. If you do not believe in a certain religion. The fact that you are aware of the existence of a composite installed everything, the Greatness of the present.
I challenge someone who thinks in his mind not to think of a fanaticism for the ideas of others (the theories), to say that the universe is not a creator
Islam is one guide enough of all the many evidence that does not convince your minds ... "The mountains and pegs" This verse is sufficient to prove the heavenly religion
Best regards my colleagues

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@ Osama ...

@ Osama ...

"I challenge someone who thinks in his mind ..."

Now I've read your diatribes... and I am wondering which bit of your anatomy you use for "thinking".

(I would have suggested you are thinking with your backside...... but.... you seem to be using that for talking through... )

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Thank you

Thank you
  Oh creature, you polite

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Osama, you wrote, “Greetings

Osama, you wrote, “Greetings to you brothers:”

Are you addressing your posts only to men?

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I believe that he meant only to address men, because women are mere children in islamic culture. It takes two women to testify against one man in islamic court. Women need permission from a husband or father to do just about anything.

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That’s what I’m trying to get

That’s what I’m trying to get him to admit :)

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I am an Arab man

I am an Arab man
He used Google Translator
The error was from the translator
The word of my brothers in Arabic
Means everyone
The masculine in Arabic includes feminine
But the feminine does not include the masculine
For women, the restrictions imposed by Islam
Is for women's stage
It excites the lust of men
All of them
Anyone seen
Sexually aroused
Islam protects that woman
Licensed women are available to all
which man
See women with a sexual view
If he claims the opposite, he is a liar
Islam makes women available only to a person who respects them
Appreciate it
Expensive thing
Women are available to everyone
Those are cheap
Islam raises the status of women and respects them
And men could not see it
Women are precious
When available to one person
But if all men move their instincts towards her body
Those if cheap price

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of course not

of course not
My words to all people
I'm here to do good
And guide people

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Then why did you say,

Then why did you say, “Greetings to you brothers?” Brothers?

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Can you prove their is a creator? How did you get here osama?

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Anyone can know the existence

Anyone can know the existence of the Creator
Only if he thought
Everything in this world is tidy
The planet is far from the sun by an appropriate amount
And the atmosphere that secures heat preservation during the evening
For in the planet Mercury in the heat of day
And at night approximately -127
The atmosphere has a heat preservation function, and also protects us from radiation
It also has a repository o3
Lola layer of non-porous rocks
The ocean's water leaked to the ground
There is definitely one who arranged
And account
No less evolution
Evolution is stupid
For lack of random
As long as one billion in all neighborhoods combined
She did not find one wrong recipe
Lack of error means having a programmer
A stage that forms the common characteristics of all neighborhoods
If it was absurd
You must find a billion * billion wrong possibility
No mistakes
Means having a programmer

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Do you think no had seen or knew what a mountain was until Mohamed mentioned it?
The Japanese included Mount Fuji in their culture and mythology for almost 1000 before Mohamed's time.

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This is wrong

This is wrong
No one was able to know that
Only Mohammed
No one has ever known these things
Mohammed told a lot about things
Without exploration or research
Tell about the rotation of the earth
He told the mountains about pegs
He told about the darkness at the bottom of the ocean
Much much more

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This is a troll thread. I

This is a troll thread. I suggest that osama be considered a troll

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And a retard

And a retard

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Osama: "I am an Arab man"

Osama: "I am an Arab man"
And it shows. Illiteracy rates in the Arab world are often high and science education sometimes poor to non-existent. Perhaps Osama would be kind enough to tell us where he was educated? He may be a victim of some fundamentalist madrasa.

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"Greetings to you brothers:

"Greetings to you brothers: My friends, you call for the absence of the Creator of the universe ???? This means a single thing ... It is absurd to excellence .... The order is arranged by the order of the order of this degree be by one of the stages supervised by the formation"

Did you translate that through Babel fish? What complete and utter bilge.

"scientists put theories to form the universe ... These theories explain the ideas and hypotheses on the formation of life, objects, etc."

Anyone so scientifically illiterate as to not know what a scientific theory means should be too embarrassed to mention science. You can Google it ffs.

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