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Christian Dating

Okay, so I posed similar questions on another thread that addressed to atheists. Now, I want to hear the sides of the theists, Christians, or believers of God. Do you date people from the same faith or are you open to those from other faiths? What do you think about dating an atheist? If you date an atheist, would you try to convert them into your belief system? How important is faith for you and how do you think it could influence your relationships?

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I don't think you are going

I don't think you are going to get a lot of responses to that question on a website called Atheist Republic.You might want to find a Christian forum if you would like to get meaningful answers to that question.

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Muslims men are allowed to

Muslims men are allowed to marry women from People of the Book (Jews and Christians). But Dating before marriage or Extramarital dating is not allowed for both men and women. If someone does it then its a Sin. because everybody knows what Dating eventually leads to. Religion Islam says don't even go close to adultery.

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Jamal, it sounds to me like

Jamal, it sounds to me like you are decidedly lazy. It sounds like the only decision you have made in your life is to hand over all subsequent decision-making to your god and a book. I suppose that's just easier than having to purposefully consider how your actions actually impact you and others. After all, you admit, for example, that you take no control for your sexual behavior with someone prior to marriage so therefore dating is a sin....because, gosh, you won't be able to keep from having sex with them.

I'm happy that no gods, no very old books, nor my genitals lead me around through life.

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I would only marry a nice

I would only marry a nice Christian. In my experience, there is something about the whole thing that makes them better people.

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I married a fellow atheist

I married a fellow atheist and I prefer it that way.

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I suppose I shouldn't really

I suppose I shouldn't really post this, as being a bit naughty:

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Hey Lily! I'm a Christian so

Hey Lily! I'm a Christian so here goes:

1) I date people from my faith :)
2) I think Christians should not date atheists because that's what Paul writes in his letters in the New Testament. Why? For life reasons (career, child-raising, goals, etc). The other person is supposed to help me grow closer to God (and vice-versa). An atheist couldn't do that.
3) If I did date an atheist, I would definitely try to talk to them about God :)
4) My faith is extremely important to me. It influences my relationships in that I try to serve other people and not myself. I try to be joyful when tough times come my way. I try to give more than I receive. I try to learn more about God and tell others about him. I try to encourage others and not tear them down. Christianity influences every part of my life, or at least it should haha :) You'd have to ask those who know me to see if it does :)

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The topic of interreligious

The topic of interreligious dates is of course very interesting, but in fact, people are probably closer to finding a person of their faith or, as it is written above, an atheist. On the other hand, now many young people prefer childfree dating. Just on this topic, I read a useful article on the link and I hasten to share with you.

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