Christian, Muslim, and Atheist meet God

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Christian, Muslim, and Atheist meet God

Hey, everybody. Just happen to watch this by chance, and thought it was pretty dang cool. I know it is a little long (about fifteen minutes), but it is worth it. I don't necessarily expect much discussion about it, but mostly just wanted to share it.

(A little side note: If (hypothetically) this were to ever happen, I like to think I would be like the atheist in this vid, regardless of the consequences. *chuckle*)

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Good one Tin Man, I've seen

Good one Tin Man, I've seen this one... I love DarkMatter2525.

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i've seen almost every

i've seen almost every animation of darkmatter2525...and i love all of it...

the fist video that i watched was the "gods god"..then after that...i was hooked...
can't stop watching his videos..

nice one T-mah-man

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Funny: I watched that last

Funny: I watched that last night and thought about posting it. NICE.

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Another one to whom I am

Another one to whom I am subscribed.


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Watched it. Think it might

Watched it. Think it might have been a continuation of "Power Corrupts." Wish it could be continued.

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He is actually converting

He is actually converting that series into a novel. Perhaps a series of novels.


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DarkMatter is awesome!

DarkMatter is awesome!

Thanks, Tin-Man! This one's a bit deep, somebody hand me a torch.

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