To Christianity, Poem Ver.

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To Christianity, Poem Ver.

Christianity, I have said
Like Good Honey it can be...
Once you Taste it, comes a Bee
To give a Sting of Madness and make you Fear...
Lovely Tales, the Bible has,
About "Too-Good-God" and Proof-less "Truths".
"All Is One" and "One Is All" they Said,
I'd Drink a Beer instead, take a Nap and Watch it Crack.
Funny it is, how People Joy, in a Beautiful Lie.
As if though they were Awake,
When Sleeping they were.
I once said to God: "Strike me down you Son of a Bitch, send a Fairy with Pigeon Wings!"
None Came, Alone I was,
With only Silence to Comfort and Truth to be told.
"No one Lives Past this Life",
No one Heard, The Truth was Harsh.
Burn It all, I told my Mind,
Burn those Pages of Fake Old Books,
From Ash, Anew, build the Human Spirit.
Build a Truth a Truth to Crush Falseness!
Build a Bridge, to Connect all Continents!
Build a Book, to Siege all Nonsense!
Hear me Now "O' Almighty" God,
Mortals Like me will bring you Down,
Be you Wind or be you Stone,
People Die from your Hands.
Like a Endless Hourglass you are,
Just Watching, When will it End?
You Speak of Morals God.
But how do Morals count O' God,
For Good to do, to Reach Heaven and Run From Hell?
Can't a Human do Good, for the Sake of his Kin's Welfare?
Pitiful, how Christians Fear, that Wise Men will Kneel their Words,
For the Sake of Reality, nothing else.
But the Feared Christians, with no Truth to their Words,
Like Savages, at the Stakes Burned them.
Poor People, nothing but Truthful,
now nothing but Ashes.
That time is Gone now,
And when Humanity prohibits you to Murder,
you burn our Books, to erase our existence.
To erase the Truth, so that your Lies may live.

Worry not, Pitiful Christians,
I will Burn your Churches not.
A better way I have,
To watch you Rot from within.
When the Dawn shall come,
and you're finally awake, look around
there's nothing but Death and Plague.

Now what'd you think of that (To Fanatical Christians), if you can't take it to the Mind, take it up your Ass.

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