Christianity Stolen From The Egyptian Sun God Horus

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Christianity Stolen From The Egyptian Sun God Horus

I have read and heard about this many time but always from atheist. I read people that were saying this wasn't true and they did make some sense in what they were saying. What do you guys think about this? Does anyone know of a source explaining the religion that just talks about the views of the religion not written by Christians or atheists? I am sure you guys have heard about all the similarities that have been claimed but in case you haven't here they are.
He was baptized by anup the baptist.
Like jesus Horus had no history between the ages of twelve and thirty.
Horus walked on water, cast out demons, and healed the sick.
Horus delivered sermon on the mount and his followers faithfully recounted the sayings of iuse (or jesus)
Horus was crucified between two thieves, buried in a tomb, and resurrected.
Horus was the good Shepard, the lamb of god, the bred of life, the son of man.
There was ten rules that were worded a little different but meant the same thing as the ten commandments.
If this isn't enough there are said to be like over 40 things in this religion that resemble Christianity. However i did read an article written by christian that made a case that this isnt true and it wasnt total bullshit. So what are your views on this have you guys studied this at all? Is there a source that just explains the Egyptian religion views without being biased?

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All religions are products of

All religions are products of the imagination of a group of people, hence they are sometimes created out of other ideas. There is no way christianity or any other relgion could be flawless.They do not dreive from god, they are man made. It's really that simple.

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Just as many of today's books

Just as many of today's books and movies are complete rehashes of what was out decades ago, I think we will always be running out of new ideas and have to take pieces from others to form something believable. I'm glad that you posted that Jesse, I didn't know about the Egyptian story of Horus.

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I haven't heard this story

I haven't heard this story either but it has an interesting point to it. I think it would be a good argument starter with a theist but that's really as far as it would go. I'm going to have to read up on my ancient Egyptian mythology.

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Yeah this Horus - Jesus

Yeah this Horus - Jesus connection really intrigues me..

Google 'Akhenaten', it was arguably the first monotheistic cult in human history, that took place in Egypt, and pre-dates Christianity & Judaism. You may find it interesting.

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Hmm, interesting I will have

Hmm, interesting I will have to look into that, you are always so full of interesting information! What was it you took in school again?

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The acient Egyptians made up

The acient Egyptians made up gods. (Horus, isis, ramen) as a matter of fact, the term amen came from ramen.after the Egyptians prayed to ramen, they would end the prayer by saying ramen.christianity stole the term ramen and changed it to amen.Egyptians used to worship the sun, thats how it all started. After discovering the sun, they started making up gods that didnt exist (mythology) christianity stole all of the Egyptian gods attributes and changed it with jesus .

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Cool thanks for the

Cool thanks for the information. I will look into this later . I especially find the Ra-Amen thing interesting.

It would seem to me though that the influence may have found its way into Christianity and Islamic belief through the Judaism and going back to the Hebrews because who were first rulers in Egypt and then were made into slaves there, I can believe the tribe of Judah while there, would have adopted many Ancient Egyptian practices and find it completely reasonable some of these practices could have found their way into the lives of the Jewish people and then eventually into Christianity and Islamic belief. So while Christianity is famous for taking things and making them their own I suspect this may have been a case of something existing in Jewish culture prior to birth of Christianity. However Amen may have been part of Hebrew faith or an assimilation between Hebrew and Egyptian practices. Just my opinion anyways you know knw what they say about peoples opinions. Everybody got one.

Welcome to the boards by the way!

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The symbol of a star is also

The symbol of a star is also interesting and fits in with this. Amun Ra (which is also thought to be a root of the word amen) is the all-seeing eye of the sun; the Jews have the Star of David; Christians have the star of Bethlehem; and in Islam there is the star and crescent.

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On some loose level, it would

On some loose level, it would make sense tat the idea of a savior, as is found in the Jewish and Christian religions, would have a similar structure to that of the Egyptians, which were the predominant influence at the time of their founding.

However, the Norse, Druid, and other Indigenous European language also have (arguably more) similar stories, and to a lesser degree the religion of what is now considered Mexico did as well.

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