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There is no biblical scripture that tells us to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Nor is there any scripture that can pinpoint an exact date, or time of year that this was supposed to have happened. Everything as descibed in the bible, points to Jesus NOT being born on Dec. 25, but sometime in the spring. So, that is why I call Christmas the "Big Hoax." Where is the proof tat "He" rose up out of his grave? If this "blessed miracle" truly happened, then why does the date of it chasnge every year? Shouldn't an historic event have the same date every year, the date that it happened? It is all a mystery...and it is all ridiculous. Reality

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The date of Easter changes

The date of Easter changes because it is based on the cycle of the moon.

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Exactly my point...what does

Exactly my point...what does the "cycle of the moon" have to do with someone being able to rise from the dead out of their own grave? What was the date of that event? Religious people will accept anything that is random, because they know deep down that you can't pinpoint any of these's simply NOT reality, it's fantasy.

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It has to do with pagan

It has to do with pagan traditions which colored Christianity during it's creation in the 1'st century.
The Romans had their Caesar cult that celebrated Christmas and Easter to venerate the roman emperor as a god.

When Christianity was created(1 st century) it took the place of the Caesar cult and all the traditions of the Caesar cult were transferred wholesale to Christianity.

The pagan chief HIGH Priest of the Caesar cult in Rome had the title Pontifex Maximus which TO THIS DAY is the title of the Roman Catholic POPE.

The first saints were part of the roman royal family The Flavians.

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If you dig into the history

If you dig into the history of Christmas, it was actually illegal to practice it and you could have been fined. The church in the colonies/states actually considered it a pagan holiday. This makes the defense of the Christmas season as Christian season even more ridiculous. Then combine the mass consumer mindset around the holiday almost makes it a joke.

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Christmas is not about

Christmas is not about celebrating anyone's birthday, and NEVER WAS. It is a time of year to boost the economy...why do you think you see all the advertsements to spend, spend, spend. All you hear about that time of year is how well or poorly the stores are doing. It's all about tax revenue...our economy is 70% dependent on retail. The politicians encourage this "hype" so they can paint a rosey economic picture at the end of the year. They encourage people to spend money that many of them simply don't have...thus, we have the economic collapses. It makes my blood boil, especially when we start seeing advertisements for the Radio City Christmas Show in May!! And we start seeing Christmas decorations, nick nacks, and toys right after Halloween. It's all bullshit... and people stress out like it's the end of the world. I CAN see promoting that time of year to bring some cheer, and good maybe have some peace, and be nice to people. It's disgusting to see that the countries at war, in the name of religion I might add, will have a ceasefire on Christmas, and then begin killing each other again the next day. What the hell is THAT??

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