Church loans

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Church loans

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Fucking parasites.

Fucking parasites.

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This is absolutely disgusting

This is absolutely disgusting!

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Why didn't god send them some

Why didn't god send them some cash?

Fucking immoral dickwagons.

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Ah, the Church. Take from

Ah, the Church. Take from their pockets. Don’t pay taxes. Take their tax money meant for them.


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Catholic schools here have hired 'lay teachers' since I went to school. They are paid (often poorly)*** Of course teaching Nuns and brothers do not get paid

Catholic schools also tend to have mortgages. Schools depend on fee paying students to survive, and donations of course.They like to be remembered in the wills of former students. I consider this an excellent idea. I'm leaving enough money for my brother to hire some one to burn the place to the ground.

As far as I'm aware, there has been a significant decline in people going to seminaries to become priests, nuns and brothers. That means an increase in the numbers of lay teachers, who need to be paid.

I prefer not to throw baby out with the bath water on this issue

** My school liked to hire older teachers often with 'personal issues' because it didn't have to pay them full tote. Eg Grade seven; there was Miss King, a tall, slender ,elderly lady of about 40 . She had brilliant red hair and used only green ink in her fountain pen. (ballpoint pens were nor permitted) She gave me 11/10 for reading, several times. As class teacher she got to write final reports . In a fine copper plate flourish, she would sign them "'Miss King" .Her personal demeanour can only be described as "shrill".

If one misbehaved, Miss King was far too refined to belt one. Instead, on was made to go stand in the corner, facing the wall. A mortifying ordeal for we 12 year olds.

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@I need to start a church!

@I need to start a church!

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"@I need to start a church!"


As the third rate sci fi writer and arch fraud L Ron Hubbard really said: "If you want to get rich , start a religion" He did both.

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The RCC most certainly has

The RCC most certainly has enough cash in its coffers to shore up any shortfall any of its groups may experience. The cash that that horrible Theresa managed to weasel out of folks and that she sent to the Vatican instead of caring for the sick ought to do it quite nicely.

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I have never heard of this

I have never heard of this type of loan.

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Re: [url=

Re: drift boss
I've never heard of it either

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