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my name Malik i m Muslim i want to become a Atheist i need ur help

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Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum.

You were born atheist, so basically you reconverting or lacking belief.

What kind of help are you looking for?

You can be an atheist just by lacking belief in the theistic god concept.

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Check out YouTube Atheists

Check out YouTube Atheists like Jaclyn Glenn and watch debates by people like Richard Dawkins, then choose what makes sense.

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Sounds like you want to be

Sounds like you want to be baptized or take oath to become an atheist................dude its not needed u are an atheist when u think u are .....thats it

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Don't feel pressured to do

Don't feel pressured to do anything for any reason. If you want to "become" an atheist, just spend time thinking about why you want this. Did your religion treat you poorly? Do you find it boring? Is it starting to make less sense to you? Most people convert from a religion to atheism by thinking really critically about the religion they are in the process of leaving. Don't do anything rash that might bring you harm or disrespect amongst your peers or family. If you really think you want to leave your religion behind, just stop and start doing literally anything else in its place. Plant a garden, ride a bike, or even do something that you may have been prohibited from doing in your previous religion (unless you personally find it immoral, or it's illegal). For instance, maybe you'd like to try alcohol if you never have before. You are free, my friend, from all chains that bound your mind and future in the past. You can guide yourself in any direction you choose now.

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Also, I know this was advice

Also, I know this was advice more so than help. If you need physical help, such as extraction from a dangerous or religiously sensitive area, you might need to contact other authorities. If this is the case, there might be someone on this site that could help, but I fall short in that area. Best of luck!

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