Creationism v evolution

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Creationism v evolution

Someone linked me a site called the institute for creation research claiming it was an evolutionist's evidence against evolution lol
Ill include a link for it but im posting this to debunk the site i did a little digging and discovered rational wiki had a page debunking them i checked its facts they seem compelling so im saying in my opinion it completely trashed the icr site both logically and with facts. In fact i believe the page could be very useful as a resource when debating against creationists.
First the icr site:

Now the rational wiki site:

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beneames's picture is a Christian is a Christian website that does a good job at debunking the 6-day creationist claims and patiently explaining the scientific perspective.

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This argument is endless and

This argument is endless and for sure Christian church will always try to do something to prove that evolution is fake. They will try their best to prove and find evidences that will prove creationism. Well good luck to them!

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