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Sigh. I every muslim isn't like this. Of course, I know it's dumb to ask any of them

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The link doesn't work for me.

The link doesn't work for me.

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my bad. here is the link:
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The problem, as it were, is

The problem, as it were, is that a great many "moderate" Muslims support some ideologies and tactics that amount to little more than imperialism and genocide.

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This goes to show that when

This goes to show that when Muslims deflect criticism of Islam under the pretense of persecution or Islamophobia it's just that...deflection. Sure are the radical Christians in America ready and able to persecute Muslims? Yes, but does not mean as a Muslim you get to cite persecution at every instance of criticism of Islam. You could just hear the hate in her voice. Muslims shouldn't talk about Myanmar while supporting even remotely any Islamic terrorist groups.

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Yea that was dark indeed.

Yea that was dark indeed.

One starts to wonder;

WTF are they being thought?

OMFG She agrees to group the Jews in one place so they can be killed all in one fell swoop.

Jesus, not even Jesus would have made a christian say that in public.

Islam just is on an entirely new level of crazy.


I'm amazed the Jew kept his cool and thanked her for showing how right he was.

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