A Day Without God in America

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A Day Without God in America

I am an atheist. I have been an atheist for some time now. I live my life without any need of a god whatsoever. That being said, I tried recently to spend an entire day without any god. It is impossible. Religion is so obtrusive.
I woke up and opened the blinds and right off there is a billboard advertising the Dallas Baptist Church. FAIL!
I walked my dog and every other car or so has a religious bumper sticker. Fail!
I stopped at the donut shop to by a coffee. I took out cash (I pay cash for everything) and right there on my money is "in god we trust". Fail!
I got back home and turned on the TV. The news was on. Immediately there was a tragic story about a person that died in a car wreck. Of course, there was a prayer vigil. Fail!
In the first hour of my awareness, I have been assaulted by god.
I defy anyone that can go through a whole day (in a relatively populated area) without god. You can't do it.
Now I am not asking for the world to be atheist, not at all. But I should expect to not have god references everywhere I go. They are relentless.
These experiences are just the minor intrusions that occur every day. They don't include the onslaught by religious nuts that attack people every day. On the weekends the religious nuts knock on doors or scream from busy street corners. People asking you to pray at the drop of a hat. You can't go to a ball game or watch one on TV without some homage to the christian god.
Ironically. I play basketball at a methodist church and there is no reference to a god except for the posters and signs everywhere. No prayers, no bible study at halftime. No organized god reference at all.
At my gym which I visit every day, there are signs all over that read "Mind Body Spirit" as if you could even exercise your spirit. It's funny that they want you to exercise your mind because you'd have to purge yourself of a god theory to do so. Makes the posters contradictory.
I don't mind people believing in a god. I really don't. I just take exception to having THEIR belief thrown in my face everywhere I go even if I just stay at home. I don't go around shoving atheism in anyone's face. Actually, I hardly mention it unless I am posting here or someone brings up religion in a conversation. I actually avoid talking about religion or atheism in my daily life. It just isn't necessary.
To me, religious people are like out of the closet gays. They flaunt their religion or their sexuality. I don't care if someone is gay OR religious but that is their personal choice. I don't flaunt my atheism or my sexual preference. It's no one's business but mine. In other words, things like public prayer are like a guy wearing a pink feather boa and fliting it in your face while lisping sexual innuendos to everyone within earshot!

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The flaunting would be more

The flaunting would be more tolerable if they paid their fair share of taxes like everybody else.

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You have to remember that

You have to remember that this is a Christian nation from Johnathan Edwards to Billy Graham. People left England and the Anglican church for freedom to practice there brand of religion or not The Europeans brought over their brand of religion We had the people of the 13 colonies ..The puritans the quakers Then the other Immigrants from Ireland And Italy settled here and built massive cathedrals that span the skies. Since Atheism is a minority view point so therefore inconsequential to the majority of Americans especially in a place like Dallas Texas you just have to grind your teeth and bear it. It is out of your limited control to do anything but complain on this op forum.

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[LOL] You know what they say,

[LOL] You know what they say, Faith in God: The puritans left England not for freedom from persecution, but for freedom to persecute.

The Christian churches in Britain have gotten weaker and more irrelevant over the years, but those in America have turned into great blood-sucking monsters with tentacles reaching into every aspect of life. The American body politic has more parasites in its guts than North Korean deserters.

The world isn't just Dallas, Texas, you know. While Creationist dunderheads destroy scientific education in America, China is surging ahead in aerospace, military technology, and engineering. You'd better wake up and kick the god-monkey off your back while there's still time.

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It is the idea of "god" that

It is the idea of "god" that is consequential, rather than god itself.

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No, Billy, this is NOT a

No, Billy, this is NOT a christian nation. This is a SECULAR nation. The Treaty of Tripoli PROVES it. The Letter to a baptist minister by Jefferson proves it! Oh Hell no Billy I can do a lot more than that. I can sue and have done when appropriate and BTW I have never lost!
You're a fucking tool! Ignorant, uneducated and just plain stupid!

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Here are some quotes for you

Here are some quotes for you Billy, read them and apologise. They didn't want people like you in the United States.


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"you have to remember that

"you have to remember that this is a Christian nation"

Nope, it's a secular republic, did you really not know this?

"Since Atheism is a minority view point so therefore inconsequential"

You think minority viewpoints are inconsequential in a democracy? Then you won't mind if everyone on here ignores yours here will you.

"you just have to grind your teeth and bear it. It is out of your limited control to do anything but complain on this op forum."

Just as happened in Germany in the thirties you mean? Anyway I'm ignoring your opinions as you're in a minority on here.

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Rest assured mykcob4! You did

Rest assured mykcob4! You did spend your day without god! Just people making shit up is all. I agree with you , though, that billboard gods are exceptionally annoying.

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Unless its this one...

Unless it's this one...


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He DOES answer prayers!

He DOES answer prayers!

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