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Ok. This debunks what you

Ok. This debunks what you said about Hitler and proves Hitler was an evolutionist

Next you didnt even read the article I sent you because if you did it will show you all the reasons that abiogenesis is impossible for example in the early earth their was ammonia carbon dioxide water and other gases the first cell was believed to have been jump started either by lightning or radiation in cells are proteins and the chance one short functional protein is formed by evolution is 1 in 10 to the power of 125 should I go on? Also you said DNA proves we have a common ancestor all DNA says is we have the similar DNA as apes for example, well that doesn't prove anything because we have similar DNA to cats. Lastly the fossil record have a lack of transitional forms for example the oldest know turtle in the fossil record is fully formed and we have no intermediates between turtles and cadalasaurs which evolutionist believe trutles came from.

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Jam Jam - the chance one

Jam Jam - the chance one short functional protein is formed by evolution is 1 in 10 to the power of 125

That is a lie. Now I'm sure you are just repeating what someone told you, so you can't be blamed for this one. No one knows that probability, because no one knows the value of the variables need to preform that calculation; so anyone who tells you that is a liar or repeating a lie (perhaps innocently).


Jam Jam - no intermediates between turtles and cadalasaurs

Can you provide an academic source on what a "cadalasaurs" is. I don't know what it is, and I can't seem to find anything about it.

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Did a google search for

Did a google search for cadalasaurs and found this link from Jam Jam.

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Right; that is exactly the


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xenoview - Did a google

xenoview - Did a google search for cadalasaurs and found this link from Jam Jam.

Right; that is exactly the total of what I found. I'm no paleontologist, but the flashing lights and klaxons are going off on my skeptic alarm.

I know I'm a cynic: but perhaps the reason no one can find a transitional fossil between "cadalasaurs" and turtles is the same reason no one can find a transitional fossil between "one-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple people eaters" and turtles.

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Xenoview: "found this link

Xenoview: "found this link from Jam Jam."

So this Jam Jam decides in his head that evolution is wrong, but instead of doing the work himself, he trolls around the Internet looking for others to help him "debunk" 150 years of scientific endeavor. And even though just about everyone he asks tells him he's wrong, he still sticks to his creationist line. Pathetic.

It's tragic when a mind is so closed and cluttered with superstition that it can't see how amazing the real world is.

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The link you've just sent is

The link you've just sent is a lengthy article. If there are relevant passages then direct me to it. What I said about Hitler was indeed correct. I did not comment on Hitler's position on evolution because I don't know Hitler's stance on evolution.

On your a-biogenesis article, quote for me (attributable quotes that don't effect copyrights) the exact items you believe are persuasive. In the mean time, scientists know that DNA didn't just magically assemble (which is what you are advocating). There is an intermediate step using RNA instead of DNA. I told you that. So the astronomical chances of self assembly of DNA wasn't needed due to my explaination of the RNA Hypothesis.

And the DNA that you speak of in cats and humans makes a huge error. They are both DNA, but they are very distinct from each other. But if one studies the 3.5 billion lines of GACT in the double helix of the cat's DNA and your own, you will see that the cat and human have IDENTICAL DNA up until about 95 million years ago when our species diverged. The "code lines" of our DNA were the same when we were the same species, and our ancestor 95 million years ago is the cat's ancestor 95 million years ago. Not necessarily the same exact animal, but the same species. So we look at the dna, we see the divergence 95mya, then we can study the unique evoutionary development of cats and humans as they evolved separately leading up until now.

(Note: I am out of time this evening.and won't able to reply for the next 8 hours or so)

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@jamjam : Hitler was a

@jamjam : Hitler was a vegetarian.

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Do you think animals and

Do you think animals and people just popped into existence fully formed in the blink of an eye?

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If Jesus died for our sins

If Jesus died for our sins why do we still have to go to Judgment Day? Besides, he didn't stay dead so he didn't do anything.

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@Jam Jam: "you might say

@Jam Jam: "you might say there is lots of suffering like world hunger and war but thats not gods fault thats our fault"

So humans were responsible for the Boxing Day Tsunami that devastated countries around the Indian Ocean? How about the 2011 earthquake that killed thousands in northeast Japan? Whose fault was that?

As an atheist, I feel no sense of contradiction about the problem of suffering in the world, because I know that we live on a dynamic planet, and that disasters will sometimes cause great suffering. That suffering becomes our fault if we spend all our time on our knees begging a fantasy fairy to save us, instead of using our brains to save ourselves.

I don't know how you cultists reconcile your fantasy of an all-powerful benevolent god with the suffering caused by natural disasters.

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Hitler was a nominal

Hitler was a nominal Christian. He even had his soldiers' belt buckles inscribed "god with us".

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I think I might actually

I think I might actually agree with Hitler on one thing. Christians should've chose a better symbol than the cross. If someone jumped in front of me to save me from a gunshot and died.. I'd be forever gratful and honor them the best way I can. I wouldn't wear a bullet around my neck. Nor a pendant of him/her bleeding out from a bullet hole.

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@Jam Jam "how do you tell

@Jam Jam "how do you tell right from wrong with out the Bible"

How incredibly naive. How profoundly insulting to all the decent, non-christian people in the world who live moral lives without your hate-filled book of spells. Christian morality is an oxymoron.

How dare you suggest that you're more moral than atheists, you arrogant gobshite. Go back under the rock of ignorance that you crawled out from.

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Simple question where did

Simple question where did they get their morals from? If you say their parents or something where do you think they got it from. "you globshite" thank you and God bless you.

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You're "simple question"

Your "simple question" implies that if you don't get your morals from the bible, you don't have any. You're here to preach. So tell your god to stick his blessings where the sun doesn't shine.

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Hi Jam Jam,

Hi Jam Jam,

We have already had this discussion, "Morality comes from dog not god."


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Let me start by saying an

Jam Jam
Let me start by saying that I'm an Atheist. I get my morals from treating people how I want to be treated. Humans also make laws to control immoral behavior, by punishing the law breaks with fines and prison time.

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We get our morals from

We get our morals from ourselves

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Am I alone in thinking this

Am I alone in thinking this person is trolling?

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@Audrey: "Am I alone in

@Audrey: "Am I alone in thinking this person is trolling?"

Nope. He/she/it is a proselytizing troll.

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The evidence you are an evolved being is written into your DNA. This video will show you where to look for it:

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Damn it. I should've pulled

Damn it. I should've pulled my metaphorical plane up earlier rather than following into a cliff.

*This is an edited version of my earlier comment. I started regretting it as soon as I sent it :(

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Jam Jam, No one has been

Jam Jam, No one has been "mean" to you. You are quite lucky I didn't chime in. I am the meanest son-of-a- bitch on this forum. Ask anyone here. You obviously plagiarized and lied about it. You insulted everyone here by stating that morality only comes from the bible, it doesn't and never did.
Now if you want me to, I can show you what "mean" is. I'm very good at being mean.
Just know this:
1) The bible isn't a valid reference for anything.
2) Just because someone has a Ph.D. doesn't mean they know ANYTHING outside of their field.
3) Morality comes from society and ONLY society and always has.
If you want me to expound on those facts I will, and I will be very mean indeed.
You had your little drive-by fund so let's move on shall we?

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And while it is probably long

And while it is probably long past beating on a dead horse, I thought I should post this gem from trueorigins:

Trueorigins FAQ - For accountability purposes, Tim [the founder and webmaster of trueorigins] regularly solicits and acts on the critical analysis of his fellow-creationists...
This website was established expressly for the purpose of giving voice to the creationary perspective

So not only is trueorigins a creationist website, they openly admit it (good for them). So the OP's notion that it isn't a creationists site demonstrates a pretty serious cognitive dissonance (to say it nicely).

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Jam Jam - if theres no

Jam Jam - if theres no abiogenesis there is no evolution

The theory of evolution describes a method for the descendants of living creatures to differ (leading to new species) and therefore does not require abiogenesis. If it was discovered tomorrow that a Giant Yellow Magical Mutant Space Chicken created life on Earth with magic pixie dust; it would not be a strike against the theory of evolution; in this ridiculous case it would just mean the theory of evolution describes the changes that took place after the pixie dust was applied. I realize you have probably been told something different your whole life, but it is false. You need to come to terms with that.

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Found this link about sea

Found this link about sea turtles ancestors. Ctenochelys acris

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Jam Jam is a troll!

Jam Jam is a troll!

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@Mykcob4: "Jam Jam is a troll

@Mykcob4: "Jam Jam is a troll!"

And not even an interesting or funny one.

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Regarding the morals thing,

Regarding the morals thing, even if we might not know where morals came from, who says it has to be from a god? Let alone one of the 30,000 that supposedly exist. Surely there were morals for people who lived before the 10 commandments were given.


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