Disciples weren't lying because they were tortured (Part Two)

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Disciples weren't lying because they were tortured (Part Two)

The previous one is too congested. I am taking @watchman 's advice and starting a new forum. Objections to the subject above please place below. Thinks I would like to debate:, Gospel dating, authorship and reliability or lack thereof. Part One: http://www.atheistrepublic.com/forums/debate-room/disciples-werent-lying...

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Gospel dating? Authorship and

Gospel dating? Authorship and reliability or the lack thereof?

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mykcob4 - Gospel dating?

mykcob4 - Gospel dating?

Yeah that is when one Gospel likes another Gospel very much and wants to get to know them better!

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Okay if think this is worth discussing I'll back off. I trust YOU implicitly.
Now to the issue. In my experience, religiously anyway, I have never seen a religion that actually accepted another religion. Tolerant yes, but accepting...no.

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Oh sorry I was just making a

Oh sorry I was just making a silly response (you know, with Gospel's dating each other), in a silly thread.

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I think "gospel dating"

I think "gospel dating" explains a few things. The gospels dated each other and conceived the inbred offspring we call the New Testament. And that bat-eared, buck-toothed abomination has been afflicting minds with retarded logic ever since. Gospel dating led to the bible? I think that's a hypothesis worth investigating.

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the disciples were a bunch of

the disciples were a bunch of fools, illiterate they all were coned into believing in this cult leader jesus.who was one big deceiver.

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Considering your posts filled

Considering your posts filled with typos, punctuation errors and just plain terrible grammar mistakes, if I would you, I would never comment on anyone being "illiterate."

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This is to mykabob4 why are

This is to mykabob4 why are you so uptight using profanity most of the time why don't you just relax

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It's fucking "Mykcob4" NOT

It's fucking "Mykcob4" NOT fucking "mykabob4"!
I like cussing. Profanity is the language of humanity. Using profanity displays freedom from censorship which is precisely why I use it. I don't use it to shock or make a point. I use it to describe.
The most detested book by christians is J. D. Salinger's 'The Catcher in the Rye'. My favorite book of all time.
The reason that christians hate it so much is because it is earthy and the language. That is exactly why I like it so much. It is raw reality.

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There is no reason to believe

There is no reason to believe the stories in the bible are true... including the stories that disciples were tortured.

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