DiscrimiHATE Gets NC Sued

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DiscrimiHATE Gets NC Sued

In an attempt to appeal to hateful voters, NC passed legislation removing anti-discrimination laws against LGBT.

Long ago, the USA established that owning a business does not give you the right to discriminate in hiring or service.

Religion has been the shield that many hide behind to deny freedoms to those they hate.

NC will feel a federal Smackdown for their attempt to circumvent basic Civil Rights.

I meet many atheists against the Civil Rights Act because many believe that business ownership makes you a sovereign entity and you can deny freedom to others within our own sovereignty.

Business is about serving the public, and as such, the business may not have rights that supersede that of the public.


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I applaud the enthusiasm, but

I applaud the enthusiasm, but this is already being handled in the 'LGBT and God' and 'Dark Side of Theism' pages.

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Thanks, I'm brand new. Wanted

Thanks, I'm brand new. Wanted to get my claws and shell wet.

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