Do you believe in a deterministic or non-deterministic universe?

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Do you believe in a deterministic or non-deterministic universe?

I'm curious. Me, I'm not so sure........

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I am a compatablist.

I am a compatablist.

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Travis, I never heard of that

Travis, I never heard of that word before you mentioned it. So I had to look it up. Could you elaborate on your meaning?

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Generally, compatablism is

Generally, compatablism is the idea that both exist in the universe. The idea that things at a certain level, like molecules and rocks, are purely deterministic and have no agency. Meanwhile we, beings with agency, are really neither wholly deterministic nor free. We are capable of making choices, but the number and quality of choices we have is constrained by the physics and specifics of universe in which we live.

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Determinism? Certainly not in

Determinism? Certainly not in the quantum world, I suppose.

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Vincent- I am sorry to hear

Vincent- I am sorry to hear about your constant battle with depression and mental illness--I am sure "things" will get better. " do you believe in deterministic or a non-deterministic universe." Nutmeg had an intelligent response to your question "determinism? Certainly not in the quantum world, I suppose". I' will try to be more perceptive and brilliant than Nutmeg as he raised the bar of genus thought so high. I believe in a world of coherent verbal absolute redefinition of complex fog compounded by realistic non behavior of orthodoxy resulting in a distribution of elephant shit. I am just saying... God Bless

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thanks, blasphemy. friends :)

thanks, blasphemy. friends :) ?

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