Einstein’s waves detected in star smash

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Einstein’s waves detected in star smash

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Gob-smacking stuff, that. I

Gob-smacking stuff, that. I saw Professor Brian Cox talking about it on TV this morning and was chuffed to discover that he has the same view as I do: that we don't yet completely understand the nature of reality. Mankind may, even yet, discover one day that everything we've ever believed in -religious or not - is flawed.

Oh, and for the North Americans and non-native English speakers: Chuffed = delighted and encouraged..

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Absolutely fascinating stuff,

Absolutely fascinating stuff, they really are some seriously clever individuals to have managed this. At the risk of dragging this down a fairies and magic route has anyone ever heard the WOW signal that sent science and conspiracy theorists buzzing a decade or so ago? Struck me how similar the recordings sounded yesterday.

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