Esoteric breast massage

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Esoteric breast massage

Medical researchers at Queensland University, who should know better, have been promoting a religious healing cult called the Way of the Livingness. The cult was started by a bankrupt former tennis coach, who is also a reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci. Though not trained in medicine, he's invented a system called Universal Medicine. Healing techniques include esoteric breast massage and esoteric ovary massage.

I've never understood how doctors could have any religion, let alone a crazy cult like this.

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You sure it's "esoteric"

You sure it's "esoteric" massage? Sounds like another excuse for some religious delinquent to cop a feel to me.

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cop a feel for health. amen

cop a feel for health. amen

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Unfortunately health and

Unfortunately health and medical systems throughout the world are so profit driven, corrupt and filled with lies, (the ultimate inelastic demand product!) That there is plenty of space for shit like this to squeeze in and find a following. If everyone has universal, non profit driven access to basic life saving and health outcome improving healthcare, this garbage would go the way of the dodo for the most part.

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Since I had to have one

Since I had to have one hacked off, do you think I’d get a 50% discount for the massage?

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I think they perform a

I think they perform a similar practice within the Vatican...

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@Random Re: "I think they

@Random Re: "I think they perform a similar practice within the Vatican..."

Yeah, but I believe the requirements are that the recipients have to be male and between the ages of three and fourteen, or somewhere thereabouts.

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What a bunch of HOGWASH!

What a bunch of HOGWASH! "By reconnecting with your inner-most, you will have greater beingness."
"The builders of the great pyramid had greater beingness." "The real Imhotep, Patanjali, Pythagoras, Siddhartha Gautama, Jesus, Muhammad, Leonardo da Vinci and Alice A. Bailey along with many others, including, and in part, Albert Einstein. " all had greater beingness. (PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME why Albert Einstein only has "PART" of greater beingness and everyone else has full greater beingness.

Are people really this stupid?

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"Are people really this

"Are people really this stupid?"


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'UM practitioners are also

'UM practitioners are also taught by Mr Benhayon to carry out esoteric ovary massage to "help women connect back to their body".'
A perfectly sensible treatment for:


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Massaging breasts is much

Massaging breasts is much easier than going to med school.

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What I really hate about all

What I really hate about all this is how sexist it is. If I go out and pay a hundred bucks to have my testicles massaged not only will I get arrested and thrown in jail but my massage therapist will be tossed in the can as well. Why in the hell is America so far behind the times?

We should have testicle massages on every corner so the busy business man can relax between appointments.

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Why do people continue to

Why do people continue to make poor decisions? Especially with regards to religion. These people were not indoctrinated at an impressionable age, within the confines of a family who believes in "the way of the livingness" I mean the guy invented the religion relatively recently. This ex tennis instructor must be so charismatic as to be able to dupe fellow humans, or that our fellow peeps are truly gullible or dumb as sticks. WTF is all that comes to mind. IMHO religion exists because of greed for money, power or both. This one looks money based...I would like to know how they get money from there parishioners. Anyone know?

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