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Ever lived book

If truely there is no God, how come His word (BIBLE) had not fade away? In His word (the BIBLE) He said "Heaven and earth shall pass away but His word shall not pass away" and its evident that the BIBLE still exist and will still continue to exist. No book written in this world is compare to it. If the God of the word (BIBLE) is not existing then the BIBLE should have been a by gone thing.

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The Egyptian Book of the Dead

The Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Bhagavad Gita are just two examples of books that have been around longer than the bible.

Your argument is not valid.

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People still tell the stories

People still tell the stories of ancient Greek and Roman Gods. Why are they still around if they aren't true. Just because people believe something doesn't make it truth.

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Because the great FSM put

Because the great FSM put them there to mess with you.

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Just because somebody wrote

Just because somebody wrote in a book that "His" word would last forever, does not mean that it is true. It was in the Bible that it said "His word shall not pass away," however, that being accurate is reliant upon the idea that the Bible is indeed "His word", which it may very well not be, if He does not exist. You're argument is only valid under the utter ASSUMPTION that God exists. If we look at it from a different perspective, assuming that God does NOT exist, then the Bible is NOT his word and thus your argument means nothing.

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Exactly! You can write

Exactly! You can write whatever you want all day long and just because you did, does not make it so. I look at the bible as a time when people were trying to get their names in print and telling whatever kind of story they have to as long as it suits their purposes and that of their religion.

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The bible was a tool for the

The bible was a tool for the church, church still here so bible still here. Logic.

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It's really not been that

It's really not been that long considering the scope of the earth's timeline. Give it another millennium.

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I was waiting for someone to

I was waiting for someone to go there pek! Leave it to you to provide us with your slant on the voice of reason. You are right though, just because a book is still in print, does not make it a valid choice for anyone's way of life.

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Hopefully no one reads this

Hopefully no one reads this and decides to live their life according to the Twilight trilogy. Why are those books still in print?

... and would that make Interview with a Vampire the old testament?

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