Every Day Forward. A Thought.

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Every Day Forward. A Thought.

Every Day Forward. A Thought.

I do not know about where you are/were April 7th, 202020..., but Peru, that “3rd World Country” many have heard of but few will be able to immediately know you’ve gotta at least point towards the South.
“Poor little Peru” has stepped the hell up.
Imposed lockdown earlyish and well. No reports of “3rd World” negativity nor ugliness.
Police and MP’s are out, I hope those who are food poor aren’t needing to illegally try and get food.
The fucking US is on fire. Fucking flames and when our “beloved prez?”, is asked about patient testing in a press conference today, a day when 1,500 Americans will have died, pressing only for a hopeful answer.
On camera, to you and America where he should be driving America forward, he visibly and audibly drops his shoulders rolls his eyes and blurts, childishly proving he’s got zero head for what’s cleaving lives in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, America, et. Al. He stated, “...you should say congratulations...instead of being so horrid!”
FDR, Kennedy, Lincoln, M. Twain, E. Hemingway, MLK. Mrs. MLK the list of great Americans rolls on and on! Presidential and not!
Why is this guy still in front of a camera? He’s been proven wanting and went from a long “hoax/fake news” idiocy to, “I knew it was a pandemic before anybody, to giving potentially lethal medical advice, now, to people in crisis.
Of food, financial, medical, lockdown, livelihoods, tomorrow or those already with COVID19. Those Americans who’ve already died from it will take a long time to be found or recognize they’ve been one of the inevitable long list which will alarmingly be presented some tomorrow when anything close to accurate is made public.
The slipping but still strongest superpower, a country like the United States of America!
When the fuck will we all admit to have in some way been bamboozled?!?!
Simply Wrong!
Be a bigger man and let go the fantasy and look at the state of your State.
Let it go and move on to a new administration forcibly more capable of making the changes needed to happen now to save our country and the lives of our country’s people.
100,000 to 240,000 Human Beings, Americans, your community.
No Fucking bloodshed!!!
NONE! Peacefully!
Let the FBI and CIA legally and calmly do their nonpartisan job and protect the US from a lethal threat from within.
An entre investigation then an entire though very partisan impeachment all arresting multiple players playing for the child shrugging off a question which should have been.
“We are looking into ensuring we rapidly will have all testing equipment and protective equipment to every first responder who are giving their lives for those still alive. In contacting the governors we’ve begun mobilizing some of the medical personal in our National Guards dispensing stock ensuring safety of all. Now.
“I know you all are probably tired now you will receive our eternal admiration and War/hazardous duty pay because I personally called this a War.”
The Doctor in charge of the team of professionals and highly thought of individuals looking to end these tragic times is charging forward.
“You are seen cared about and we well move towards ending the loss of life and minimizing the damage of this horrible Pandemic.”
“Here in these Untied States and Territories, and Worldwide!”
With Peace! Calm and gently as absolutely possible, but save us, it still could be more 100,000 and less 240,000 people dead.
A calm and clearheaded decision to protect us from what we’ve become and the immediate and potentially most lethal threat to Human lives and democracy these United States has ever faced. And we’ve faced everyone.
We are not pillars of decency in anyone’s eyes or lives other than the eyes enriched by our, the U. S. downfall.
The only friend living off our trimmings and not bolstering a better World to all Humans around that World.
Wake the fuck up.
It’s time to rip free the old Band-Aid and it will hurt! But a better solution could be in its place. We could be away from its lies and slimy hands.
This is the real America and we cannot see it’s state and the blood long since filling our streets.
Now able to get to the hospital making their fatal fight takes any property, parachutes or concept of a better tomorrow from that person’s next 2 generations at a minimum.
Now! Keeping our first responders equipped and very safe. They run dry or run out, collapse or die, their desperately needed lives will quickly, but irreplaceably be found extinct.
Please, peacefully and only with love for a better country and a far better World.
What we could be doing now versus what we are doing, bickering over fucking PPE not food in everyone’s bellies, irreplaceable people whose protection is standard. Only PPE for a potentially, respiratory infectious patient. Throw away, PPE for the next. Protecting them and everyone they contact after. Done in as a protected way as possible for each Human. The most important people in this Global Pandemic. And family, Americans!
No bullshit frowny faces, physically step the fuck up, see where we are, where you actually are and what s attacking each of us hear forward. A potential complete bottoming out/destroying/making easy pickings on the World stage, the numbers presented should have long since opened your safety umbrellas, you’re fighting for T.P.
Give any hope, care, kindness and Human concern for those in peril NOW.
If it’s a “World War on COVID19” then let’s start moving to being on the “good” side of it, not an axis of anything but better times.
Please, with love and peacefully, let’s try to get back on the still questionable, but far better, Building A Better Tomorrow. Always towards a better World.
Standing together and allying with all the Human Beings, all 7 plus billion needing help now.
The care of our vets, young, sick and in need to never go without the comfort of medical care.
Never to have to weigh health against diet, to never be food poor again.
Please. A brain with food explodes with possibilities, knowing that no next meal awaits, no food coming, only breeds derision, hatred and the depressed state we currently are all in.
Simply allowing Americans to be food poor only forces low future prospects and poverty.
This is us killing us, any and all of “U.S.”
How have we allowed any of this?
Read history so it’s not repeated, fucking read History and make sure it is not repeated. Learn from it so you see its presence and its hand on your noose. Now.
How have, with hate, we all become so fucking cruel?
How do any of the Humans in the “Best in the World” ribbon wearing country languish in abject poverty?
How has a virus completely run amok now looking to doom a painful percentage of our lives?
Stop our forward momentum, get a team of wonderful America’s and wonderful World partners who can first slow then stop the pandemic.
If it’s existence and placement are contrary to that first step, cleave their position and place a team of actual, accredited experts and save as many of you, someone you know, you care about, you will feel and hear reference to them from now on.
This is 1918/the Black Death, potentiality.
Please place at the keel of our American “War Ship” currently at War, 330,557,637 (per Google just now) strong. Equally needing to be Ok!
If the before stated number of deaths, the unimaginable 100,000 to 240,000 lives is in anyway set as fact, please be on the side where simple math shows 100, fucking thousand Americans is far fewer than 240,000 people you’ll be reminded of from here forward!
If I ask, do you care for every American? Your programming forces an “absolutely yes!”, but you know that’s bullshit. You’ve, we’ve all isolated into defining but increasingly narrowing points of view.
If they are now saying “who gives a fuck, how I’ma pay for internet” and not, stop the forward motion of this global and potentially fatal, easily transmissible disease.
Thus far nothing miraculous has been uncovered, they’d go for the Randy Prize.
You can’t get off your ass, but you can reduce the backside blood flow by starting to push towards what you know Human, American, family lives fucking matter.
Peacefully, kindly, legally and correctly help this change to occur!
Per my hearsay figures and unfortunately poor education, one hundred and forty thousand extra amounts of pain, loss and the after effect of paying posthumous bills, crippling all tomorrow’s kids.
Or you move us, all of us, forward.
I know it a bit hippie, but I actually, forcibly, try to see those around me. Who they are. Why they’ve become who they are.
Some scare me and some have scared me deeply, the possibility that a nothing post this and I get complete derision or a couple of you to actually work towards 139,999, then 139,998, a far worthier number to fight against.
I have never spent 15 minutes around any Humans that in seeing what made them them, I still feel all lives are worth at least helping. Then carrying about, receiving excellent help. Then returning to a lower digit loss population looking towards something better.
It only costs your heart being able to understand how many millions of lives have been touched, how many destroyed, by a bug we can protect against, slow the spread of and treat the sick, care for the dying and give hope to the potential victims, help is available, not my hospital administrator was outbid by Alaska on the ventilator we needed for you.
The big and actual you.
That is and has been happening over a bottom line and care only for that.
Not for you, family, friends, anyone you contact Worldwide will know and have stories about right now.
Be someone who regrets the losses, knowing that you actually did something, preferably everything you could to get to 139,997.
Any heart for the World Stage?
Each with their country’s and family’s numbers. One less for you and One less for them?
So now, check in, April 8th, 202020..., where are you?
Are you safe, cared about and for? Tomorrow, then also?
Those you know are in some way in danger, all those you now are in some way in crisis? Are they all safe?
Or has hope for a bit of a giggle, fright, chill, or whatever is protecting you, and instead has become important for some reason?
Instead of the actual tiger at your personal, family, friends, Americans, Humans, all of our personal door.
Depowering people just like you.

Good luck out there

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I'm of the opinion that you

I'm of the opinion that you get the leaders you deserve. In the US we've spend a generation trashing science, encouraging conspiracy theories, demonizing academics, and endorsing the view that image is more important than substance. Now it is time to reap what was sown.

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"I'm of the opinion that you get the leaders you deserve."'

Not sure I agree as a general principle, but do agree it seems to be common.

Certainly seems to be the case with the US. If over 40% of eligible voters can't be arsed voting, I think they have a cheek to then complain about the government which gets elected .Saying those on offer don't represent you is a rather facile argument imo.

----I don't believe the dropkicks on offer usually represent me either, but I do believe it's a matter of degree. I have not voted FOR a political party since 1975. Since that time I have a l voted against the most offensive bunch of incompetents on offer. Had even a small percentage of the American 41% had voted , perhaps America would not have been lumbered with the worst US president within living memory, at least. .

How about Australia?

Well, we have ScoMo (Scott Morrison). A happy clapper leading a conservative government. He usually prays in a crisis. True enough, his government was a bit slow to start, but now seems to be doing the right things to deal with Covid19. EG banning normal travel, closing non essential businesses, enforcing social a distancing and self isolation.AND producing massive support for people who have been laid off. He gets it; the government MUST support the economy to prevent a depression at least as as the Great depression of the 1930's.

The important things my government has not done is test anywhere nearly enough people, and isolated people who test positive in centres AWAY FROM HOSPITALS. Australia was not properly prepared.

In terms of "deserving the governments we get' as a principle. In terms of cause and effect, there is a Marxist argument on class lines.

Engels wrote [in a letter to Marx] that people contribute to their own exploitation. By that, he meant that people accept the values of their oppressors. Marx called that false consciousness. A perfect example is the existence of the working class Tory.

In the UK, a conservative government would never be elected if Brits voted along class lines. But they do not. Consequently, they get a privileged upper class wanker such a Boris Johnson in charge.(Instead of socialist wanker like Jeremy Corbyn)

In Australia the working class tends to identify as middle class.*** Consequently we usually get conservative governments who represent the silver tails and the middle class, but not the workers.

**My reference that Australians identify as middle class; 'Equality And Opportunity ' Sol Encel.

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I'm of the opinion, someone

I'm of the opinion, someone has a case of cabin fever from too much time engaging in social distancing. .

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"I'm of the opinion, someone has a case of cabin fever from too much time engaging in social distancing. ."

As a rule of thumb, I'm of the opinion that ad hominem attacks are not at all helpful.

Perhaps have a go at expressing your opinion, as is your usual modus.

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@Cranky: He he he ....... "I

@Cranky: He he he ....... "I'm of the opinion" :-)

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Who can recommend me a fun game that I can play for free every day?

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Like a river flowing steadily

Like a river flowing steadily, may each day carry us closer to our dreams, navigating through challenges with resilience and grace. Let each sunrise be a reminder of the infinite potential within us, propelling us forward with unwavering determination. Embrace each moment as a gift, Heb Online Shopping Survey, a chance to shape our destinies and leave a mark on the world.

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