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Oh dear, not the parachute

Oh dear, not the parachute analogy... another one of Ray Comforts shitty arguemnts that is essentially Pascals Wager...

You jump out and have faith that the parachute will open, however I would say that most atheists jump out with the parachute knowing that we have a better chance of surviving with it because it has been demonstrably proven to work and that it's a real thing.

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I had a friend who was a sky

I had a friend who was a sky diving freak. He had a poster in his kitchen that said: "He who hesitates inherits the earth!"

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Hah! Nice poster :)

Hah! Nice poster :)

I have not done skydiving in a long time, but back when I did it, all the trained experienced skydivers packed their own chutes, and may even have others inspect their work as an additional fail safe. So if you want to call it faith, call it faith in your own packing and inspecting work. Also they have a backup parachute to act as an additional fail safe, that further makes jumping not an act of blind faith but a carefully controlled setup that minimizes actual danger.

Even first time jumpers would be trained to at least inspect the packing work of the chute. And if you do a tandem jump, you end up putting your faith in the expert you are jumping with, someone you (hopefully!) actually met.
The point is, it is not the same as putting faith in a god, you actually check on things with your own 2 hands.

Also we put faith in a lot of things we do everyday without thinking about it, it is just everyday things that are mundane. We put faith in the braking systems of our cars without inspecting them every time we get in a car. We put "faith" into the roof over our heads is not going to collapse down and crush us.

The difference, again is, we can, if we want to, actually inspect the things we put "faith" in.


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