As a father do you feel you have the right?

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As a father do you feel you have the right?

This one is open, please list all that god commanded to be done because he is the creator! Also any rights he gave fathers in the Bible.

Example- selling your daughter into slavery?

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Fatherhood does not confer

Fatherhood does not confer "rights"

It does ,however ,bring responsibilities .

You become responsible for the well being of your children ,for the provision of their care... sustenance ,shelter & education.
But these are your responsibilities.... and confer no rights on the parent..... and imply no "debt" on your child.

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Very well put I fully agree

Very well put I fully agree

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I have always viewed

I have always viewed parenthood as the participation in the development of a fellow human being. It is a profound thing. I feel honored to have gotten the gift of it.

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I am a father as well and as

I am a father as well and as both comments above put it this gives me no rights, but gives me a responsibility to take care of my child. If my child decided to disobey me honestly my first thought is to look at myself. What did I do... now obviously children want to test boundaries but this a fundamental function of an adolescent. This is how they learn right from wrong. I have told this story a few times on this forum, I was brought up in a very hypocritical household, do as I say not as I do was the mantra and this has taught me a valuable lesson in life. Do not be a hypocrite when it comes to your children. If I cuss and then my son repeats that I will never blame him for he is following in my teachings. My number one thing when it comes to my son is I want him to love and look to me for guidance. I want him to know that I love him more than anything in this world and I would give everything I have for him. That being said if he didn't come to me or seeked answers elsewhere I WOULD LOCK HIM IN THE BASEMENT AND TORTURE HIM FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!( sorry I couldn't help myself) no I would love him the same. I want him to question everything and everyone! In my eyes children are the most precious thing and the youth of today is tomorrow's leaders.

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The Bible tells us to honor

The Bible tells us to honor our father and mother, but where's the commandment telling us to cherish our children?

Most biblical references to children seem to be about beating or killing them. Spare the rod and spoil the child, etc.

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I think the only child in the entire Bible who got a break from his parent was in Yeshua's parable about the prodigal son.

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I always felt sorry for the son who stayed at home and did all the work but got nothing.

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Now that you mention it. My

Now that you mention it. My country has recently banned parents from beating their child.

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I remember one time when my

I remember one time when my siblings and I were trying to communicate to my parents that we were unhappy, my father did his Solemn Face and said 'Honor they father and mother'- to which I replied 'But fathers - do not provoke your children'. He was not best pleased, but I was far too infuriated that he would try to Bible his way out of our rare disagreement to care.

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