Fucked up, Stupid Shit Things Religions Are Doing To Cure Covid-19

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Fucked up, Stupid Shit Things Religions Are Doing To Cure Covid-19

Coronavirus: saltwater spray infects 46 church-goers in South Korea.
The church in Gyeonggi Province sprayed salt water into the mouths of its followers out of a belief it would kill the virus. (The count is 50 now.)
A cleric's cure for coronavirus becomes butt of jokes in Iran. Tabrizian used his channel on the Telegram messaging app Feb. 26 to unveil his method for curing those infected with the coronavirus. “Before sleeping, put a cotton ball dipped in violet oil to the anus,” he wrote, immediately becoming a source of mockery on social media.



(FUCKING ASSHOLE! If you don't catch it, glory to god. If you get better as about 95% of people do, glory to god. If you fucking die, who in the hell will know the difference? I hate these fucking assholes.

What FUCKING IDIOT STORIES HAVE YOU HEARD??? Now is the time to share!!
Missouri Sues Televangelist Jim Bakker For Selling Fake Coronavirus Cure
Televangelist: Touch My Oily Hand Through the TV and I’ll Cure Your Corona-virus (Kennith Copland Again)
IS THERE ANY DEBATE HERE? We should all know how effective the prayers of the religious are in stopping the spread of the virus. Any other stories you have run across out there???

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Toothpaste! People toothpaste! Courtesy of Alex Jones

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Oh my days, that puppy's

Oh my days, that puppy's smile is just enchanting!!

Let's just hope that rather than taking up valuable needed resources from others, should Mr. Jones unfortunately become afflicted, he resort to using his very own "cure". I'm sure he believes 100% in its efficacy and in no way is attempting to exploit his audience, most of whom have the IQ of rope.

I *do* find it odd, honestly, that so many of these people are going to the lengths they are to shill in this particular instance. Like, normally I just assume they ALL disbelieve their own bullshit and are just in it for the cash, to oWn tEH Lie-BrULs, etc...but like, in this case, they might seriously kill off swaths of their own audience?? Very weird, no?

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One bird, two wings - a left

One bird, two wings - a left and a right ...

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The very best liars, often

The very best liars, often times believe their own lies.

Believing in your own lies makes it that much easier to sell the lie.

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EXCELLENT! I had forgotten

EXCELLENT! I had forgotten about that one. We should mention==== "Religiously, or should I say spiritually, Jones is a Christian. He clearly holds the Bible in high regard and is known to cite the more prophetic, arcane and violent books of the Bible–Ezekiel, Daniel, Revelations, etc.1 And he’s very devoted to his spirituality. He said: I just want to try to be a pure and virtuous person. I want to try to transcend my flesh and be the true leader that we’re all meant to be… I feel the spirit of the Creator and it embraces me with chills…2"

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Covid-19: Pope offers prayer to Virgin Mary for protection

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In times of uncertainty and

In times of uncertainty and panic, the con men and snake oil salesmen come out from under their rocks.

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Oh god... My Facebook has

Oh god... My Facebook has “God is the best doctor and prayer is the best medicine” posts and Jesus will heal you prayers from my same “friend”. I don’t have the heart to unfriend (I know the options) but she also sends me the “money is coming your way ... if ...” posts. Jesssuuussss chrriissssttt.
Hmmmm, she’s also in her 80s, not the best of health....hmmmmm. ;)

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Oils, teas are in the bunch as well as the “click on link”
And charities

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Apart from the loss of life

Apart from the loss of life the other truly sad outcome of all these shonky snake oil cures is that despite the evident dishonesty, these believers who are duped into paying praying or spraying for their favourite charlatan and who survive the virus (they will be part of the 95%) will have their faith confirmed and be more entrenched than ever in their superstitions. And it wont matter if modern scientic medicine comes up with a vaccination.
Stupid is as stupid does indeed.

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Here are some more you can
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I spent the morning looking

I spent the morning looking for Korean Nasal Probe glasses with red LED lights on them. Funniest shit you have ever seen. You stick the lights up your nose and hook the space age looking device over your ears like a spaceman. I am not sure if they are claiming it kills virus but I have my suspicions. The adds are running on every channel on Korean TV. 300 dollars per unit. Come and get yours today. While supplies last.

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It makes me wonder if the

It makes me wonder if the people of Italy were tomorrow offered two differing options which would they take?

1 - A known antiviral drug that successfully combats Convid 19.


2 - Have a prayer made by his holiness the pope, specifically for that person.

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