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"FUN" in the forum

Why are we so serious all the time??? Everybody take off all your clothes and get totally naked. Walk to a mirror that reveals your totally naked body.. Look at yourself...naked... Try not to laugh but you can't help yourself--your laughing out loud!!! Try to control your laughter and walk outside naked and scream I am an Atheist!!!. Put on your shoes but remain naked and walk to Staples and make a sign that says I am a naked atheist and proud. . Put the sign of your naked funny body and walk to Washinton DC -naked-wearing the sign "saying" I am a naked atheist and proud. Take off the sign--stay naked -go to Starbucks for coffee. ......God Bless

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You said "naked" ehehehehe

You said "naked" ehehehehe you bad kitty cat you. My mommy says not to say such things :o

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