Getting our foots off the crazy pedals. .......

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Getting our foots off the crazy pedals. .......

Debate, discourse, and discussion are best done in the following steps

1. Define the subject
2. Define the topic
3. Define the idea
4. Define the concept
5. Define the methodology of steps 1-4
6. Define the process for the universally agreed methodology
7. Use respect and civil discourse analysis in interacting with friends and opponents. This means no name calling or insults on any sides
8. Avoid all fallacies
9. Ask or pose a question related to steps 1-6, being as specific and concrete as you can in doing so
10. Exchange accurate facts and ideas related to the topic in good faith
11. Arrive at a shared conclusion
12. Repeat steps 1-11 ad nauseum

I hope that helps. Enjoy and Cheers :)

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