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Science has flaws, but unlike

Science has flaws, but unlike religion, it's a self correcting system.

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God and science are not

God and science are not combined, but they are not together. Science tells us what happens, God is the reason why. God transcends science. He created it and exists wholly apart from it, meaning he does not depend upon science to exist.

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How Hegelian of you.

How Hegelian of you.

While Hegel is certainly one of my favorite philosophers due to his incredibly insightful writings on the concept of alienation (which were later hijacked by Marx), and his extremely adept diplomacy when dealing with the subject of religion... let's not forget that he is *clear* in pointing out that, due to this alienation, the subject of god is at best irrelevant when it comes to science.

All things aside, if you haven't read much of him, I think you should. It sounds like something you'd like :) Especially if you can get ahold of the original German - it's far more nuanced in it's native tongue. You might not like it completely though, as it makes it more clear that Hegel was agnostic.

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The difficulty lies in the

The difficulty lies in the fact the Bible is so misrepresented by Christendom. For example the case of the geocentric and heliocentric. The church's position was that the Earth was the center of our universe, but how did they determine this? From a verse in the Bible that simply said "the sun rises and the sun sets." We still use this term today, but most science minded atheists don't know what the conflict was about, they just assume the Bible is wrong.

The Bible, though not specifically a scientific text, is always correct when it touches on matters of science, in fact, it is thousands of years ahead of science. The Bible explained the division between light and dark to the luminaries thousands of years before science. In the dark ages they thought the light was caused by vapors in the sky and night was caused by vapors from the earth. The Bible explained that the Earth was spherical or round long before science concluded this. Also the hydrological cycle. Archaeology has been very helpful in determining the historical accuracy of the Bible. Contrary to popular belief the Bible doesn't say that the Earth is flat or was created in an 144 hour (six literal day) period.

The only real disagreement with science and an accurate understanding of the Bible is in the case of Evolution, which is a theory and the flood. Floods, even small and on a local lever, have often been misunderstood by science to have been other events that were demonstrated as false.

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Religion and science, just

Religion and science, just like politics and sports are very popular subjects that need to stay as their own entity and not intermingled with others as it could muddy the results.


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