'God hates gays' ok then why this:

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'God hates gays' ok then why this:

Here is a link of animals that have been documented to be gay.
So if god hates gays and god made everything why make gay animals.


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God wants a gay person to

God wants a gay person to give up being gay just for him. If they, refuse they go to hell. God isn't a peaceful God. He demands war ,pain and suffering just so he can be glorified. If God does exist then he a evil god.

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Do u consider all that

Do u consider all that animals do soas an acceptable standard of behaviour for man?Black window eats its own mate soon after mating...

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This is a red herring that

This is a red herring that has nothing to do with the OP. The claim is made that God hates gays and that homosexuality is unnatural. This is falsified by showing instances where homosexuality is indeed natural.

No claim was made that all things that occur in nature are permissible. Not did anyone claim that the reason homosexuality is acceptable is merely because it occurs in nature. Homosexuality is acceptable because there is nothing wrong with it. Pointing out the many species that engage in homosexuality is simply a response to the false claim that homosexuality is unnatural.

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Let me help you out there

Let me help you out there Valiya, he said why does god find it acceptable to create gay anything if LGBT beings offend him?

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Its not a sin to be gay or be

Its not a sin to be gay or be belonged to lgbt group. Just like the division between races cultures and belief. It does make sense how some people judge using their idea about god not realizing how shallow-minded they becomes.

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Homosexuality means sexual

Homosexuality means sexual attraction between same gender, either female to female or male to male. By literal meaning, sexual attraction can also be defined as gender attraction. However, most 'god' from various religion prefer to forbid homosexual and accept only heterosexual relationship. While in some minor group of religion, 'god' only allow heterosexuality as a method to reproduce human race and only allow homosexuality as long term relationship. There are some religion that dont care about sexual attraction types at all.
Although that there are a records showing that animal shows homosexual behavior, 'god' usually counter this by stating that humans are not in the same group as animal since that human have superior in intellectual way.
Monotheism gods usually forbid homosexual in human, but the feelings of Loving same gender is allowable as long as there is no sexual intercourse involved. Most of the 'prophet' are man, yet in most religious story, their male follower would die for their love to their prophet.
Back to the reason why 'god' created homosexual animal, but forbid homosexual relationship in human is because ; for most monotheisme god, Human is not animal.
I was a muslim before, so these are explanation based on my experience when i was a believer back then.
But being a non believer now, I think better question to as the believer are; why God creates Human that are possible to be attracted to same gender? If the god is powerful enaugh as its claimed, then, why god doesnt create perfect world as it wants where everyone is heterosexual? If all things were created by god, and all things to the dooms day are always in 'god' knowledge then Why god create this 'forbidden' lust? If god created the lust as a 'test' wouldt it proves that god doesnt really know what it have created?

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