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In God We Trust - Indiana


An Indiana bill would require "In God We Trust" to be posted in every classroom and school library in Indiana. The law would also include Charter Schools as well. If you reside in Indiana, Please contact your Senator to oppose SB 131.

Which God?? Allah, Buddha, Shiva, Krishna, Yahweh, Ahura Mazda.......

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Seems we are drifting back to

Seems we are drifting back to the days when the pledge of allegiance was altered as well as the back of the dollar bill. Could it be a sign of a resurgent nationalism? There has got to be a root cause for this.

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Madalyn O' Hair would be

Madalyn O' Hair would be livid.

I think that practice may be in breech of the First Amendment. I'm sure some civil liberties group will challenge it.

Why is this happening? Good question. A facile answer is that conservative governments are in power all over the world. Conservative governments tend to do poorly with social justice (health, education and welfare) What is the level of poverty in Indiana, as well as employment and general education? ?

Perhaps THE hallmarks of religiosity are poverty and ignorance (as in limited education)

I believe education is the magic bullet, along with full employment . Full employment and a high mean education of a population results in lower religiosity. NO? Have look at the affluent European countries, Australasia and Canada, for example.

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A couple of states have

A couple of states have already passed this bill. "South Dakota’s GOP leadership passed a law requiring every public school to display the American maxim “in a prominent location” and in a font no smaller than 12 by 12 inches."

My understanding of the 12 x 12 is that some schools in opposition to the law, in other states, were simply framing a dollar bill to meet the requirements.

"At least half a dozen passed “In God We Trust” bills last year, and 10 more have introduced or passed the legislation so far in 2019. Similar signage is going up in Kentucky schools this summer, and Missouri could be next."

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"Congress shall make no law

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."


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@ Cognostic

@ Cognostic
The schools who oppose it should print in black ink on black paper!

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Seems to me they have opened

Seems to me they have opened up a big stinky can of worms. With it now mandatory for public schools to display religious dogma, somebody should start making banners like "Hail Satan!" and "Allahu Akbar!" and "Praise be to Odin!" to hang in the hallways. Hey, it's only fair, right?... *shrugging shoulders*...

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It's not legally religious

It's not legally religious dogma. Can you spell "LOOPHOLE?" It is the motto of the United States of America. We need to go back to E Plurabus Unum.

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In god we trust? Well a non

In god we trust? Well a non-existent entity never lies, cheats, or betrays. Never does anything actually.

Let them put up the signs. Then start a campaign on social media to deface the signs to "In dog we thrust" and see how long it takes teachers to notice.

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@Algebe Re: "Then start a

@Algebe Re: "Then start a campaign on social media to deface the signs to "In dog we thrust" and see how long it takes teachers to notice."

Yep. Dyslexia is a fothermucker.

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These Christians should just fut the shuck up.

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Tin Man "Dyslexia is a

Tin Man "Dyslexia is a fothermucker."

I'm reminded of a joke:

Q What does DNA stand for?

Leave a suitable pause for answers then deny them and offer...

A National Dyslexic Association.

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That makes is a

That makes is a mispronunciation of "and."

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Honestly, I'm laughing while I type this. That's the second funniest joke I have read on this forum.

The funniest is Sheldon's suggestion that most religions discourage people from having sex standing up because it could lead to dancing.
You're a funny bugger Shel.

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Grinseed "You're a funny

Grinseed "You're a funny bugger Shel."

Kind of you to say so, though most of it is just having a long memory.

Here's another one anyway...not sure if I've said this

I made a resolution to lose 10lbs on new years day...

Just 15 to go....

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@Sheldon Re: "Just 15 to go.

@Sheldon Re: "Just 15 to go...."

Dammit... You caught me off guard with that one. Glad I wasn't eating/drinking when I read it... LOL...

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I don't know what it is about

I don't know what it is about Indiana.

Just to show you how strange things can happen when law and religion are mixed, consider that there was once a bill in Indiana calling--with the force of law--for Pi (3.14159265358979....) to made exactly equal to 3.

This is because of the 2nd Book of Chronicles, Chapter 4, verses 2-5, which states that a "Molten Sea" in the temple was 10 cubits in diameter, and 30 cubits "round in compass".

It was because of this Biblical passage that people objected to their children being taught in school that Pi is an irrational number, that Pi is greater than 3, and so on.

Just so you know, the bill died before it was passed . . . which is a good thing, otherwise all of the wheels in Indiana would have turned into hexagons, and no one would be able to ride their bicycles or drive their cars anywhere.

If you're interested in the story, please click on the link below. This story was also recounted in the book "A History of Pi" by Petr Beckmann (and yes, I spelled his first name correctly if you want to look him up).

P.S. (added much later after further thought): There was--by coincidence or, dare I say it--the grace of God--a mathematician and professor visiting the town's capital who was cordially invited to a nice dinner with the writer of this bill, and this distinguished mathematician said "No thank you . . . I'm already acquainted with all of the crazy people that I care to know."

When I read this, I couldn't stop laughing. It spoke to me on a deep level, being that I was--at one point in my life--a working paramedic.

P.P.S. The mathematician was C.A. Waldo, of Purdue University.

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