Good MORAL questions for theists..

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Good MORAL questions for theists..

So many theists will just plain out ignore scientific fact and you cant debate the validity of religion for ever, at one point you must take a different approach and use moral arguments.. Im trying to find better moral related questions to ask theists.. Please put some below!

EX : Why did god make an imperfect man and blame man for his imperfections?

EX : If god is all good and all powerful couldnt he make a will which wouldnt involve so much pain and suffering?

EX : If a man is brought up in a devout muslim family, god put him there because his will, but he will go to hell for being muslim...

EX : If i make a robot knowing it will kill people or sin i wouldnt make the robot.. Why couldnt god not make humans he knew would sin and punish humans for it?

Please leave some feedback on my examples! Thanks!

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