Happy Pi Day!

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Happy Pi Day!

Enjoy a slice!

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I’ll have three. One for one

I’ll have three. One for one, let’s make it apple. A fiver, nine (imaginative German voice), two pops... that’s all I can remember when I place my order.

Edited to add: 3.141592

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3.14 = March, 14

3.14 = March, 14

I'm now going to go get a celebratory lemon meringue version, thanks Cy, any excuse is good...Mmmmmmmm.

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Ah, memories.

One of the few memories I have of my father actually answering one of my dumb-kid questions.

ME; "Dad what's Pi?"

Dad : "21"

Close enough when you're 10.

Usually it was a matter of"shut up" he explained.

IF I was having three of anything it would be stuffed doughnuts or a coppa of gelati, with three flavours

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A collection of images to

A collection of images to help you celebrate Pi Day! dino game

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