Have you ever noticed that holy books are "religious children books" for adults

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Have you ever noticed that holy books are "religious children books" for adults

Everything the bible (for example) says, is just a guidance for something in life that is more that what it really explains.
I'l' explain myself; every description about god fits perfectly as if you also described energy, Noah's ark could just be some sort of simile were it's trying to say "when times get bad, you should bring your best qualities and morals to get passed a difficult situation.
Everything is a metaphor and I'm sure most of you know that, but my point is that is pisses me off so much that people take it literally and that most of us understand the bible's true meaning way more than the followers.
I'm pretty sure the dudes who wrote it were thinking: "How am I going to explain this stuff and have the imbeciles and closed minded people around and that will probably always be around understand the deep meanings and teachings i have for them" and boom! Metaphors were used ever since.
Besides, the pope and all those dumb-fucks know exactly what the bible wants to say but they act like the crowd to be able to control them and they even know more stuff that they wont tell people because they know they might think it's blasphemy. If I'm not mistaken, I believe their was a pope who publicly announced that people don't go to hell.
I end this by just saying that people piss me off, i apologize for some grammar/spelling mistakes (English is not my first language)
and I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions about the subject.

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Yes, you are right about the

Yes, you are right about the way things are written. Things have been taken literaly and that includes heaven, hell, angels and all the other characters involved.

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teh bible has unicorns,

teh bible has unicorns, talking donkeys, giants, inmortals and other mythological creatures...

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There are also books that

There are also books that were not included that mentioned about extra-terrestrial life, reincarnation, multi-god system and a lot more contradictions on what was written in the bible today. This bible was distorted for centuries so we can't just expect about figurative statements but there are also some lies embedded on it.

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Lol, I agree with you. I

Lol, I agree with you. I probably would have said it a little more delicately (not sure how much more though!), but you're right.

Not to take away from your point, but I also think the bible has made caricatures of several very important events that would be useful for us to understand. The Great floods, for instance - they are also paralleled in Native American folklore, and from pooling *their* stories of it together, we have understood that this has actually happened several times! Egyptian records were mostly burned (by the Egyptians) during the Roman raids, but flipping over stones confiscated to build Roman buildings in Alexandria has given us some key dates to similar events.

I also think that the people use the bible in a completely different way than it was intended. It's not so much a guide as it is a record. Some of the writers were a little self righteous, history books always are lol, but that doesn't stop it from being useful in the way that it is.

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In the Hello Neighbor game,

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