Hitchens best Speech about Morality

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Hitchens best Speech about Morality

Every Theist must watch :)
I think it is one of his most convincing speeches:


The second part really nails it on a cross:


What you think?

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I’m a big fan of Christopher

I’m a big fan of Christopher Hitchens. If only he had not had the misfortune (probably as an adolescent) to pick up the smoking habit. He would still be here to fight the fight against the ignorance of religion. He was so articulate in debates.

I’ve never understood how his brother Peter can believe in creation. Its not like he has not been exposed to mountains of facts disproving the myths. Maybe he does it for money since he is Christopher’s brother. Baffling to say the least.

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Interesting info. There

Interesting info. There should be more and more people like him who will conduct their deeper research about religion and the facts behind it.

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