Hitler, crazy or not?

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Hitler, crazy or not?

What do you think about Hitler? After his treatment against the Jews and being responsible for the holocaust, do you think he's a crazy man or he just lived through his principle?

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Yes I have read his books, he

Yes I have read his books, he was definitely crazy. But remember crazy does not mean stupid or wrong necessarily. One can still be crazy and yet still be right about a lot of things. He was bat shit crazy he was Mad Hatter insane. He had his own very extreme point of view and it happened to click with a political party of his time while many people were very upset and this helped him rise to power. Much of his success can be attributed to his craziness, and unfortunately if you read all he wrote you will realize he won because in his eyes his main goals were to preserve German culture and create a unified Europe and ultimately he got one, you see Europe unified against him and is now UNified to this day. Even his own German military before his rise to power thought he was insane. At the end of the day, find solace in knowing everyone is crazy and if you go into a psych ward to ask how you are crazy they can surely come up with something as long as you have a way to keep them being paid for your condition. But Hitler was truly insane! I mean come-on he thought a genocide was a good idea, yes definitely crazy.

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We can't exactly get him into

We can't exactly get him into a clinical setting, but we could certainly make strong arguments for paranoia as manifested in delusions of grandeur and delusions of persecution; he seemed to have some bipolar swings; narcissism; possibly eating disorders; likely sexual disorders; and a bunch of anxiety disorders such as OCD and phobias. And depending on how serious he was about clinging bitterly to the delusions he manifested in Mein Kampf, we could make a good argument for the most serious kinds of illness, schizophrenia.

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Like you said, we'll never be

Like you said, we'll never be able to get him into the fMRI tube to see what strange patterns he had swirling around in his brain. However, you did point out a few interesting symptoms - his eating habits have been documented as being sporadic, minimal, and most importantly finicky, and the sexual depravity of Hitler and his officers has been *well* recorded.

Not that my opinion matters, but I'd go toward bipolar rather than schizophrenia, given that he still had sexual appetites and showed an almost obsessive interest in his food and health. And he committed suicide, which is more indicative of bipolar patients in the midst of a down swing (rarely do they accomplish suicide in acute depression) than a schizophrenic.

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No one in a normal mind would

No one in a normal mind would do all the cruelty he had done particularly to the Jewish people.

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Definitely nuts.

Definitely nuts.

Certainly not an idiot though! It can be argued that Hitler was used as a very charismatic frontman for the less publicly appealing agendas of other Nazi politicians, and Jews were only the scapegoat.

You have to admit that some pretty amazing things did come out of Germany at that time... though nothing that could even come close to justifying the Holocaust.

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He knew what he wanted to do

He knew what he wanted to do and got it done the best way he could think of. He just needed a little bit of help in thinking of what he should've done about it.

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Hitler was a very insecure

Hitler was a very insecure person who didnt even fit the look that he praised so much. I think he was a very sad man who managed to get enough crazy people to follow him. Genius? I don't think so. Charismatic? definitely.

Sometimes charisma is all it takes.

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He's also influential and

He's also influential and feared by many. Even some leaders of big countries had second thought of fighting against his plans.

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This just shows the

This just shows the significant role that democracy has to play in our future, not just nationally but also internationally, the world must stay together to force evil out and make the world a better place.

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there are several ways to

there are several ways to judge a person and what matters is through which side of the glass you are looking at.i went through documentaries, books and read some blogs on him, personally i came to conclude that--Hitler was a crazy nationalist. There is actually nothing wrong in feeling for your nation but what happened in his case is that he segregated the jews as non- germans, he actually segregated a particular group of people,based on their religious belief and waged a genocide against them. this is ofcourse not an idealist nationalism. one thing i understood is that he had some bitter personal experiences which played a vital role in the decisions he made as the fuerer of Germany. It is a violent nationalism, which ultimately helped none rather left the world in a mass of destruction. Human lives should be the first priority in any idelistic view, if not then it is nothing more than a bunch of superistitions....but none can deny that he had the calibre, charisma, inner heat and everything to convince a mass...he had that essence of a General inside him...but unfortunately not that of a leader...

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Hitler was the perfect

Hitler was the perfect definition of an antichrist. The man showed us just how dark and evil human nature can be if the ideals become bigger than the respect for life.

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You are very much correct, he

You are very much correct, he was the pinnacle of evil and showed extreme diregard for human existance. Many people have learned since then what power in the wrong hands can do, it can have utterly devastating consequences. I just hope that in the future no one race/creed/religion is persecuted to that extent again.

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if we see into ....we'll find

if we see into ....we'll find that there ae no crazy plople but only different ration....the motor of those rations may be religions or values or life experiences or a hanger they need to satisfy...but the ration of that man was so unique and powerfull ..but what terrify us the most is That we keep bringing them up dispite how sad and painfull they are.....hitler is not crazy but he's complexe..

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I don't think he was crazy, i

I don't think he was crazy, i think he had issues with race and hatred and wrath towards the people he thought were unworthy of living in his country

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Having such feelings and

Having such feelings and untoward personal issues and wrath that resulted to mass destruction and violence only means that he have psychological disorder.

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I believe that Hitler was

I believe that Hitler was both a genius and extremely charismatic. They always say that there is a fine line between genius and madness, clearly Hitler stepped one step too far. He was a very powerful leader but clearly had innumerous problems, you can see this by taking a look at Mein Kampf, he had an exceptionally disjointed way of thinking.

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I like that - "exceptionally

I like that - "exceptionally disjointed way of thinking" :) Next time I write up a case analysis for a schizophrenic I'm going to throw that in there!

I've read Mein Kampf several times, but I guess I stopped being as impressed with it once I read many other manifestos by less famous crazy people.

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Crazy or not? Crazy!

Crazy or not? Crazy!
Killing lots of people because of his ambition is crazy. Brainwashing children to believe all his doings are right is crazy.

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I would say that, clinically,

I would say that, clinically, Hitler was crazy, but he accomplished a lot for one man and a small country. There were many dictators that were far worse than Hitler but his atrocities seem to stand out more than anyone else's.

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