How to behave/act in a religious society ?

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How to behave/act in a religious society ?

When we are living in a society which is based on strongly religious beliefs than as an atheist how should we behave/act in the society ?
write your views .


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Wow there are a lot of ways

Wow there are a lot of ways to answer this. Do you have any particular type of religious society in mind? Do you have a particular place in mind?

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Yes specifics will help. If

Yes specifics will help. If the societies religion discriminates then as atheist we should fight that.
If the societies religion actually has good rules and follows them then we can respect them.

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We are born atheist but are

We are born atheist but are born in a society having any specific religious beliefs like I am in Muslim society who have there religious rituals and ceremonies, Here my question is I am an atheist and working for my ideology but as we all know an atheist is not free at all to call himself as atheist and live his life without these all things, than what to do ? should I engage with them in these bullshits?

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From what i know about muslim

From what i know about muslim society you better play along with their bullshit its too dangerous to be atheist.

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LOL,.... don't worry comrades

LOL,.... don't worry comrades I am in Sindh an state of Pakistan, Sindhi is basically a secular nation but after the invades of Arabs we are loosing it gradually, if u talk about atheism with any religious person from tribal areas of Pak it is dangerous but not within Sindh. You may read about

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As an agnostic, I simply live

As an agnostic, I simply live my life the way I want. I don't go to church anymore nor talk about bible even if I'm used to be a Christian. My country is strongly religious but I also noticed that there are lots of believers who really don't care about their religions nor follow the commandments or laws of it.

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