How can we DESTROY Islam?

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How can we DESTROY Islam?

As the west becomes more and more anti-Muslim, the Middle East becomes more and more anti-west. A large bulk of people now want Islam to be wiped off the face of the planet, and at the same time, a large bulk of people don't seem to understand this can't happen without extreme warfare, unnecessary bloodshed, and holocaust-like tactics.

So, if destroying Islam is out of the question, what CAN we do to stop Islam?

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@ Bussta.....

@ Bussta.....

"A large bulk of people now want Islam to be wiped off the face of the planet,"

Really ?? a large bulk ?? you have evidence?... you have numbers? ....... you have locations ?

Sorry ...I must have missed that e-mail....

then...which particular form of Islam is the subject of all this animosity ? plus Islam is an "Idea" ...and ideas are bullet proof...

also define "stop"....

but to give your oversimplistic question an answer......

Education....... slow and steady...over years and years.... educate people.... its the only way forward.

But you've already been told this over on Atheist Forums....

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I agree, education is the

I agree, education is the only way. It won't happen anytime soon that's for sure.

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@ Bussta...

@ Bussta...

and now it appears you've got the same answer over on "The Thinking Atheist" also.....

....any one for SPAM ???

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Yes, I'll take the horribly

Yes, I'll take the horribly outdated can, except fried with moldy bread so it leaves a bitter taste in one's mouth.

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Why "stop Islam"? Islam isn't

Why "stop Islam"? Islam isn't the reason for extreme terrorist. The problem is two fold.
1) Disenfranchised people exploited by Arab leaders that radical Imams blame the west for corrupting.
2) Pop culture for so many reasons to numerous to post.

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Islam is indeed the vehicle

Islam is indeed the vehicle for conveying and committing culturally-centric atrocities to both Islamic and non-Islamic people. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (aka Big Daddy) has clearly professed the need to cleanse the world of all activities (people) who do not align themselves with the purest form of Islam as written by the hand of The Prophet Muhammad. Big Daddy has been ascribed as the Caliph, or living progeny of Muhammad himself, though no such evidence of that exists. This sect of Islam, aka ISIS or simply IS, is essentially an organization with the sole purpose of bringing armageddon to the world at large and has essentially been quoted as such by Big Daddy himself.

This is BD's letter to the Muslim world in 2014. Read through it and contemplate what he's advocating. Of utter importance are his descriptions of deeds he does not consider to be terrorism and begin with "Terrorism is not..." These describe global acts he considers essential to the cleansing of the Muslim world alone.

Do not become too quick to be counted as one of Tony Blair's adept observation of people he describes as flabby liberalists. All too often we eschew the need to use real bullets because the resolve needed for that answer is messy and beyond most of the talking heads here to commit to. Instead they will attempt to mitigate it with words that are propped up as a form of elitism amongst men. Nonsense. The sword is still the sword and words have never, ever, been mightier in the final analysis. Big Daddy is mopping up the world of men who believe that stupidity. Read his address below.

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Islam is not the vehicle for

Islam is not the vehicle for atrocities. They may call it Islam but it isn't.

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Myk, it is, at least in the

Myk, it is, at least in the case of ISIS/Boko Haram, etc. This is the reason that these groups themselves give as the motivating factor for their atrocities. Ignoring their own motivations, or inserting your own sensibilities and trying to justify them otherwise, is illogical and insensitive. I don't mean insensitive to say that you're hurting their feelings, but insensitive to the real cause of the problem. Their interpretation of the Quran/Hadiths is as literal as it is possible to be. This is a problem when the text uses unequivocal violence and ostracism. Yes, any sane/rational person can overlook and reinterpret these quotes, but someone who is a textual literalist cannot interpret these any other way than to commit violent horrors on people in the name of Allah. The only other option is to blaspheme, since it gives no room for reason or human compassion.

I will say, however, that the title of this thread is clickbait. Our objective is not to 'destroy' Islam, or any religious institution. We're incapable of doing so, in any case. It's on the people who follow the tenets of Islam to come to their senses and leave, not for any outside entity to eliminate it. That kind of language creates an unwarranted conflict that only solidifies their convictions.

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Nope Islam is not to blame. I

Nope Islam is not to blame. I have spent a great deal of time in the middle east. I have known REAL Muslims for decades. Islam prides itself on TOLERANCE. These radicals that commit terrorism in the name of Allah are not true believers. I am not inserting MY sensibilities at all. I am speaking from direct firsthand experience. Islamic scholars have denounced these so-called literal interpretations as misguided and perversions. BTW ISIS is comprised from disaffected Sunni military elites that use to be part of Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard. This is about power and control, not religion. Yes it is basically about Sunni verses Shia, but it about so much more. It is about corrupt corporations that made Arab royalty rich and exploited the people under that royal rule. That is why the west is blamed for everything. This struggle existed way back to the Ottoman Empire. This is very much tribal.
I don't side with any Muslims nor any terrorist but I understand it.

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I'm rather curious as to why

I'm rather curious as to why you're so fervent to defend the indefensible. So, to start:

1. Anecdotal evidence doesn't constitute a valid reason. Even if you experienced a large number of good people who practice Islam, it doesn't take away from the fact that Islam is the reason that these atrocities are being committed. I say again: in their own words. Not the Wests, not the great Imperial Satan's, not the Christian Crusaders. Theirs.

2. Who made you capable of defining who a 'REAL' Muslim is? How do you define a 'REAL' Muslim? I can't wait to read, especially since I'm fairly sure people like Al-Baghdadi could quote me letter and verse a tad faster than anyone here.

3. Islamic scholars have also defended their barbarism. (Quran 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50). The argument from authority is invalid in any case.

4. ISIS is also comprised of Europeans, Africans, and Americans who have swarmed into Syria to join the Caliphate under the idea that it is the only true path to Allah. Describing their original power base is irrelevant. I will repeat again and again and again until you understand: inserting your own ideas about what a group thinks is wrong. Illogical and wrong. It's not just al-Baghdadi saying it. It's their propaganda. It's their footsoldiers, it's their child soldiers, it's their foreign recruits, it's every last part of their mission inside and out, and for you to repeatedly deny that this repeated reason for their actions is somehow not what they're really about smacks loudly of an ulterior motive on your part.

5. Of course it's tribal, that's one of the defining aspects of religion in general, and Islam in particular.

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Islam is the excuse and that

Islam is the excuse and that's all. The factors or radical terrorism have nothing to do with religion. It has to do with power. The ISIS faction is a group that use to have complete power under Saddam Hussein. They want not only to regain that power, but extend it far beyond what they had. they are taking advantage of a power vacuum. They are appealing to disenfranchised and disaffected peoples. People that are lost and searching for themselves, searching for an identity. They offer a perverted Islam. The recruits find a home that they don't think they really have ever had. It's the same with street gangs. This sense of belonging is the attraction, not Islam. These recruits are lashing out at what they perceive as the establishment, much in the same way that tea party republicans have false indignation toward the Federal government. Tribes in the middle east that have been marginalized join Isis to gain a voice not realizing that they still won't have a voice even though they have become loyal to ISIS. Islam is a facade for ISIS nothing more.

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Anyone who denies the evil of

Anyone who denies the evil of which islam is based and that those who adhere to and embrace the doctrines thereof are as equally evil and need to be inoculated from the body themself is an equally deadly viral strands as all whose minds have no grasp of or footing on our plane of existence and are spread thin over numerous realities.

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I think Islam is not to blame

I think Islam is not to blame, It is people who have a wrong thinking and turn it into a wrong act. bitlife

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We can probably all agree

We can probably all agree that knowing this knowledge is really important, so thank you for offering it. moto x3m

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