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Here's one you guys can have fun with. Just cut & paste from previous discussions.

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@MPO...I didn’t go there, but

@MPO...I didn’t go there, but my 2 cents on how I cope with anything...

What can I control? Nothing. Fuck it. Bake bread, watch tv, garden, puzzles, chat with my boys...laugh a shitload

That’s about it.

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I cope with morality because

I cope with morality because it is man made.

It has evolved since the dawn of man (or woman - in my best Eric idle impression).

All of the morals we like to hold dear I those that confidently work best for tribes, groups and civilisations, they benefit the whole rather then the individual.

Morality is completely subjective.

If one wishes to claim its objective, they must then demonstrate how and where it comes from.

Inevitably we will be led to the same old discussions full of god of the gaps arguments, inductive or abductive logical reasoning and the rest of the plethora of utter bollocks that theists try to squeeze in.

One final passing thought, why do individual take more risks with their lives, be it sexually, ones health, taking risks and basically doing daft things... compared to those with children, partners etc....

Food for thought.

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"I cope with morality because it is man made."

Yeah me too. Asa general rule ,I do not allow others to determine my moral values. However, I'm not convinced your claim is entirely true. That a behaviour has survival value is an argument in favour of such behaviour being hard wired, as a biological. imperative.

Acts of compassion have been observed with chimpanzees. I think that suggest a hard wired biological/evolutionary imperative.

The first link is to the Jane Goodall Institute. Ms Goodall claimed that acts of compassion run deep in chimpanzees.

The clip below shows acts of kindness between animals.

My own position is that of moral relativist and egoist.IE that human beings are innately self serving.That moral values exist to help ensure the survival of self and offspring.. Acts for the common good also enhance individual survival .

There are altruistic acts, many. However, as far as I'm aware I've never seen or heard about a completely selfless human being.

In brief:,I largely agree with you, but am not convinced that the proposition has been proved to the extent of a dogmatic principle.


My reference: : "Egoism and Altruism'"Ronald D Milo. (philosophy 101 ,which is where I came across it)

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RE: "How-do-those-of-you-who

RE: "How-do-those-of-you-who-are-not-religious-cope-with-morality?"

COPE: deal effectively with something difficult.
How is moral behavior difficult? I don't get the question. I am moral because I live in a culture where most people are moral and we all treat one another with the basics of moral respect.

It's only difficult for theists who have an external book of moral dictates that they must follow less they end up in the fiery pits of hell. Morality is only difficult when you have to remember all the dictates of a pathological piece of shit God who justifies slavery, rape, genocide, outright butchery of pregnant women and unborn children. Morality is only difficult when you have to excuse a butchering asshole and pretend it is a loving god. We call this cognitive dissonance and it is completely understandable why theists would have difficulty with it.

I have no such issues.

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Morality?!? Well fuck stupid

Morality?!? Well fuck stupid me! I didn’t read the whole sentence LOL

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When I was young a set of

When I was young a set of rules was imprinted on me. I did not have to understand them, just follow them. But as I got older, wiser, and knew more, I learned to understand the consequences of my actions and the effects on others. Eventually all of my hard rules (objective) were supplemented by subjective decisions, each one independent of previous actions, and each considering the negative and positive effects of others.

dogalmighty's picture is just one big is just one big bump and run, in every corner, it seems. Critical thought however, led me to pass them back, cleanly. It is the highest moral path (racing line) you can take...also leading to the sweetest revenge.

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PART TWO: If you are too

PART TWO: If you are too stupid to learn from social interactions with the people around you, you probably need a Bible.

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Reminds me of a line in a Bo Burnham song. "Who needs a thousand metaphors to figure out you shouldn't be a D*** "

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@Hogwarts: I have not even

@Hogwarts: I have not even listened to the song yet and I am laughing my ass off. What a great line! I wish I had thought of it. I'm at work so it will have to wait until I get home.

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Thanks Hogwarts...shared this

Thanks Hogwarts...shared this with my boys :)

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@Hogwarts: I gotta say I

@Hogwarts: I gotta say I prefer Tim Minchin; however, this guy has some really great lines. "Why the fuck did you think I would ever kick it with you? None of you are going to heaven. There's a trillion aliens cooler than you!!!" (Absolutely love that idea!)

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I am so sick of religious

I am so sick of religious people assuming those who don't share their belief in a deity can't be moral. The question is insulting enough, and it is errant nonsense as well, since there are longstanding bodies of research showing atheists are at least as moral as theists in similar circumstances.

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Theists and atheists are working with the same innate genetic morality evolutionary pressures have provided us. So no surprise that our species has the same moral precept based actions. We are the same species. Now ponder this sheldon, I propose it takes a theistic worldview to act immoral. Especially seeing there is a magic confessional get out of jail free card.

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"---since there are longstanding bodies of research showing atheists are at least as moral as theists in similar circumstances."

At a guess I'd say about the same.

Imo our belief systems, and moral codes exist to help us make sense of the world, and how to treat others. Above all though, our moral code especially helps us justify any behaviour what so ever as well as telling us about what we should feel guilty. ----

--That's us. Many asian cultures are shame based, not guilt based. IE such people become "shamed' (based on their perceptions of the perceptions of others of others) but not "a-shamed "(based on our perceptions of ourselves )

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How do those of you who

How do those of you who [censored]…?

Quora lets most users only peek at parts of the site before forcing them to try to log in.

I've been trying to get an attorney to force them to provide all of my content to me, as per CCPA. Seminal work there. Reddit, too.

If you write well, ask good questions, and broach taboo topics that others dodge out of fear, you too will be censored.

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@Garrett Re: "How do those

@Garrett Re: "How do those of you who [censored]…?"

No, not censored. The OP titles have a limited character use. If your title is longer than the allowed number of characters, it will end at that cut-off point on the forum view. So far as I know, the only things here that get "censored" are idiots who make direct threats to other members and folks who are caught posting plagiarized material. So, please, try your best not to throw a temper tantrum now that you know people are not being censored here.

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It's difficult to stay moral

It's difficult to stay moral in a world full of temptations. Every time I'm tempted to rape a child, embezzle money donated for charity, or induce gullible people to gain salvation by buying me a private jet, I think about how catholic priests and evangelist preachers cope with these temptations.

And then I do the opposite.

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@Algebe ... fuck, yah

@Algebe ... fuck, yah -
except it’s not really funny - Jesus fuckin’Christ

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How do I cope with(out)

How do I cope with(out) morality? Copious amounts of drugs, alcohol, and hookers. Then just wander over to the nearest Catholic church, enter the confessional booth, spill my guts to the priest for a few minutes, and come out clean and fresh as a cool autumn day after a light rain, ready for the next weekend..... *deeep breath*.... Ahhhhhhhh.... Yep, life is good!... *casually strolling away with hands in pockets whistling a happy tune*....

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My plan is simpler and lazier. I’m going with the whole “Jesus in my heart” thing (not sure what it is) but if I’m on my death bed, or those few last seconds before I hit the ground (my parachute didn’t open) ...I’m saying “Jesus save me!”

One way (or the other) it may work!!! Heaven knows we get enough testimonies ;)

Until then, MORALS?!?!? We don’t need no stinkin’ morals - it’s every atheist for himself (running around, bedlam, cussing,)

Hey...isn’t Alex Jones a Christian? Maybe I’ll start following or paying attention to his moral example.. (eyeing up my neighbor to eat in tough times) - OMG, DONT answer the door when Mormons or JWs call (they might be thinking the same thing)

Whew...calming my mind down- that was fun!

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Garrett Smith - Quora lets

Garrett Smith - Quora lets most users only peek at parts of the site before forcing them to try to log in.

You should read this.

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@ Nyar he is probably still

@ Nyar he is probably still using Explorer on Win7.

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