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The one side of everyone's personality that somewhat defines them is humor. Many are sardonic, or sarcastic, childish, sophomoric, infantile, slapstick, and a myriad of types.
I personally like intellectual humor with irony and twist. I don't enjoy hurtful or humor that requires a victim unless it is self inflicted. BenC. says he is "sarcastic." Apparently he doesn't understand the term. His intent isn't irony but rather to inflict pain for his own amusement.
It isn't funny if no one else thinks it's funny.
In the populace world humor has gone from sophisticated to inane stupidity. Remember Tom Green? He based his whole shtick on hurtful victim humor. He would put something nasty on a sandwich and laugh while some unknowing person would eat it. That is childish and not funny.
I had a neighbor describe the movie 'Dumb and Dumber' as a classic. I disagreed and he immediately got irate to the point of violence. He screamed that I had no sense of humor. I ignored him.
I particularly like political humor when it is accurate and tasteful. I watched a segment recently on the Daily show where a faux reporter interview a supporter of Donald Trump. The interviewee was a preacher.
Reporter: "Why do you support Trump?"
Preacher: "Because he is a good god fearing man, and Hillary Clinton knows nothing of god."
Reporter: "You know that Hillary Clinton teachers Sunday school, right?"
Preacher: " I wasn't aware of that."
Preacher: "Anyway, Trump believes in marriage between one man and one woman."
Reporter: "Unless a younger prettier woman comes along."
That is funny, and accurate.

Ending post with "Hugs and kisses" and "god bless" isn't in the least bit humorous. Saying things like "I know you love me" isn't funny at all. It's childish and infantile. Because we on the forum don't find it funny we are accused of having no sense of humor, when in fact we are just adults that know the difference between humor and childishness.

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IMO...What someone finds

IMO...What someone finds humorous is completely personal. No one has the authority to define it for someone else.

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Ah yes the whole beauty is in

Ah yes the whole beauty is in the eyes of the beholder thing. What you say is true BUT....... how base or childish it is isn't up for conjecture.
People might find stupid humor funny, but it doesn't make it any less stupid.

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There's heaps of ot funny

There's heaps of ot funny jokes and jibes - and a lot of embarrassing to list stuff (like, the person, who will make a joke a bout money, whenever hie jewish friend is concerned, stupid jokes about breasts, when a girl is around, or idiotic stuff about blacks, when a black guy is sitting with a withe friend..)
Also, yes - jokes, that exploit a weaker person, jokes, jibes, snide remarks - put downs that are uncalled for and all that.
I wouldn't define these as humour, though.
Humour - fine, or childish, is perhaps something more subtle - even when it's crude, humour hits home, but it shouldn't leave you injured. So it needs to be applied carefully.
Sarcasm or irony in a hot debate among (intellectual) peers - that's different - there, sometimes you are allowed to smother you opponent a little, but even here discretion is needed, or you'll end being feared instead of admired, liked & respected..
Just some thoughts..
May the gods bless you!
Hugs from Berlin.. ;)

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