I just sold my house so.....

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I just sold my house so.....

I had my house up for sale for a little over 3 months. The realtor suggested I come down on my price after one month but I stuck to my guns. Trump actually helped me because as soon as the tax bill started getting some stream there seemed to be a mad rush to complete house sale deals. Well, I got my asking price plus 12,450 more due to a bidding war.
So my neighbors all wanted to know about their new neighbors.
They asked me these type of questions.
From the alcoholic that tries to cheat on his wife "What's the wife look like?"
From the mormons "Are they white?"
From the evangelicals "What church do they belong to?"
From my Secret Service best friend "Are they nice people?"
From my rednecks neighbors "Does he have a bass boat?"
From the mixed married couple "Where did they move from?"
From the catholics "How many kids do they have?"
From the NRA nut "Are they tree huggers like you?"
From the gay couple "We don't have anything to worry about do we?"
From my Ismaili muslim friends "What kind of work do they do?"
From the meth heads down the street "Are they cool?"

I know it sounds hokey but that is exactly how it went down. I guess everyone has different things that they worry about or care about. I really didn't tell my neighbors much about the buyers except for the Ismailis and the Secret Service friend. They will get along great, and my friend will look out for them. The asshole neighbors know that if they cause these people any problems that I will show up at their door.

I just thought it interesting what people care about.

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Usually, people try to spruce

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I had a similar situation.

I had a similar situation. All the realtors told me to lower the price, but I knew I could sell it for the price I wanted. But now I miss the house. And here's my other house. My wife's parents' house, we remodeled it completely and we're renting it out. We made a small hotel there and we didn't regret not selling it. We found some really cool lighting for our hotel and after a while it started bringing in some really good money. And we realized it was worth keeping. For the lighting see more here. I think if anyone needs to do that, you can look at them. It's not just for hotels. But also for offices and so on. Just to say that with cool lighting, any space looks very different.

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