I wonder why...

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I wonder why...

.... there are hundreds of novels and movies depicting some dystopian future or other, yet none of them is based on the most likely dystopian future of all - a worldwide Islamic caliphate?

Is it just cowardice on the part of authors and film-makers. Or a misplaced willingness not to 'offend'.

It seems to me that there's an incredible opportunity for Booker prizes, and maybe a handful of Oscars, to anyone prepared to give this a go.

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It's probably also an

It's probably also an 'incredible opportunity' to get a fatwah death sentence.

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Go ahead, wright the book.

Go ahead, wright the book.
We're all waiting with baited breath.

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Apparently there will be an

Apparently there will be an atheist tv channel at the end of the month.


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Really that's awesome I

Really that's awesome I wonder what they will feature. I am guessing a lot of science stuff. I wonder what it would take to get a show on the channel?

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It's going to be available

It's going to be available only via Roku. It will air past debates, programs developed by atheist organizations, past conventions, video blogger stuff, etc.

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Wow, awesome! That's the

Wow, awesome! That's the first thing that's made me want to buy a TV in the last decade.

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Just found ROKU sticks at

Just found ROKU sticks at amazon.ca for very reasonable prices.

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What ive found out recently

What ive found out recently is scary shit. The worlds intelligence services combined information and came up with the fact only 10-25% of muslims are truly dedicated to the destruction of the west.
Only? Given that there are 1.8 billion muslims that means upto 400 million are dedicated fanatics your aware thats more than the total population of america. If they ever decide terrorism isnt enough??!!!
And its sad that the 75% are not stopping them.
Thats why religions a problem when the majority are good people but do nothing. Look at history when the majority peaceful people did nothing, Germany Russia Japan China.
Britain didnt make that list because we were motivated by the monarchy and were enthusiastic about conquest.

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I am Curious Steve, How would

I am Curious Steve, How would this be entertaining as a movie? Perhaps it could be possible. What would you suggest the plot be?

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You should wonder why there

You should wonder why there isn't a movie that depicts the truth about Christianity.
I could only find 1 ancient move about Josephus and it was completely cut from the actual details to make place for the drama.

Christianity has killed more then most mass murderers in history and yet they don't ever put a movie displaying their tyranny over innocent people and cultures.
Yet we tons of movies showing the sacrifices of Christians for their faith. Why don't we see movies about what other sacrificed because of the christian religion.
A fine example is the Gnostics, Kators, Knight Templars, even Muslims, Pagans, even Christians, etc...
It would be nice to see a movie showing all their killing for a change.
The burning alive of entire villages with their children just because they though a slightly different thing(about Christianity).

Showing how horrible the Christian origin is.

So maybe we start seeing some shame off Christians that dare to represent these mass murderers and rapist of innocent children for over 2000 years.

Muslims are bad but not as bad as Christians were once, trust me.
The burning alive of entire villages just because a few people believed the wrong pacifistic ideas(excuse) will never be forgiven by humanity.
Just to take their land and be the rich Cardinals they are today.

Hitler is a good guy compared to these guys.

The truth is that fear of persecution(financially too) from both sides is feared to make such movies.

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I we made a movie about

I we made a movie about religion just in general taking over the world we would have a movie called A Day On Earth and it be just a showing a bunch of stuff that happens on any given day. Perhaps it could be called The State Of Our Modern Religious World.

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