Imagine there is no heaven No hell below us above us only sky

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Imagine there is no heaven No hell below us above us only sky

Before imagining that there is no heaven and hell. Imagine there was a heaven and hell
1. Angels with harps flying in the clouds
2. Jesus with blue eyes and long hair and a white rope -bald with yellow teeth but a silly grin
3. God(about 4 feet tall) with long White hair and a colored mustache like the gay pride flag
4. All the people who NEVER sinned, cursed, not homosexual, worked on the Sabbath, ate lobster or ham, stole a pencil , took he lord in vain, blasphemy ,committed adultery, or were sacrilegious and disobeyed the Lord God.
5. Praise God for eternity-forever and forever and forever
6. Waltz music with Lawrence Welk
7. Vanna White and the wheel of fortune
8. Sarah Palin
9. Joel Osteen
#If heaven seems like hell with Lawrence Welk and Sarah Palin that's because heaven and praising God for eternity would be like hell.

1.No fire
2. no torment
3. no torture
4. no nothing
5. Like heaven hell is ridiculous and so much bullshit
6. Death is the end of life and that is ok
7. Live a good life and no need to be afraid of death
8. Don't worry too much about hell because if everyone who sinned goes to hell there would be 899484939393939393939384939898393282871929394984859493921819191901901010101010101010101010010101101929292929292929929229299299992992992929398392200101010010101010101010101001101010101010101010100219298239884747744788383833989929011001`0``0`1010290932399843988888776655433345567890-098767890-09876790- people burning -but don't worry-there is no hell. Thank God.

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