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Insight to Atheists

How do atheists think and why?

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Which atheist are you

Which atheist are you interested in asking? Some may agree with others on some points and disagree on others. No two people think alike on all points no matter what the subject.

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It really is a broad

It really is a broad discussion I'd like to have. Me, being a theist, would like to understand how atheists (in general) think.

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I understand it can be hard

I understand it can be hard for some theist to imagine how atheist think and even why they do so after being brought up to believe in things like the fruit of knowledge and that its not good to question their faith, but trust me its actually quite automatic and get easier with practice :)

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Huh. Interesting. Yes,

Huh. Interesting. Yes, because I have friends who are atheists, but they don't really like speaking of the topic and I wonder why. I understand everybody has a mind of their own and their own visions so thank you for sharing that with me. (:

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They think as normal human

They think as normal human beings. Intellectual, use reasons and learners.

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Most atheists I've known have

Most atheists I've known have been generally open-minded and intellectual thinkers. They have been curious and questioned things, unlike my religious friends, who tend to go with the flow of whatever they have been taught as the truth.

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Well... atheist logic is

Well... atheist logic is simple. You just live without religion. For example, where a theist might act morally due to the traditions of their culture, or an expectation of reward in this life or the next, or due to peer pressure, a similiar atheist may recognize and follow the exact same moral code code for no other reason than it gives a level expectation for behavioral conduct in the culture they find themselves. Or, if they think deeply, they might still follow it recognizing that the moral code is the product of years of collective cultural experience in trying to live peacabley. Or they may criticize it if they notice an obvious unadressed flaw in such a moral code. Anyway, it's not that hard to understand atheist thinking.

Try keeping a journal or something. And every where you might blame an act or occurrence on God, simply cross it out. Where you might feel joy at god blessing your life, cross it out and imagine the same feeling, but simply for being alive and working hard enough to bring good things about.

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This was a perfect insight.

This was a perfect insight. Thank you so much. I get it now - sorta. Thank you.

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Hello everyone.

Hello everyone.
This is a Muslim from Pakistan.
I have very recently started questioning my beliefs.
Could anyone guide me to a thread where i can get answers on why recently converted Muslims chose Atheism?
or Anyone on why they chose Atheism?
Thank you in advance,
I am new here so please bear with me.

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Heisenburg, it would be

Heisenburg, it would be helpful to you to make your own topic on the subject. Also there are resources for atheist on the home page and at the top of the page. Just click on Resources.

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I can't speak for anyone but

I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I didn't "choose atheism". For what ever reason I don't believe in the supernatural (god, ghosts, devils, none of that stuff). Society has labeled people who don't believe in god with the word atheist, so I guess that label fits. Nothing more too it really.

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Read my post LET THE FORCE BE

Read my post LET THE FORCE BE WITH YOU,and the instalment (right here) they will explain my reasons.

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I am an atheist and I only

I am an atheist and I only believed in evidence and proof of its existence. I highly believed science and rational reasoning, the cause and effect, and that there's a reason for everything that happened in this wretched planet.

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Everything in your post is

Everything in your post is past tense. do you no longer beieve that way?

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