International Blasphemy Rights Day!

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International Blasphemy Rights Day!

I do this every year. I start a thread promoting the right of free expression of irreligious ideas leading up to September 30th. International Blasphemy Rights Day is September 30th, 2018. In solidarity with those that horribly suffer from commiting this victimless crime, I invite everyone to blaspheme loudly and proudly. Please express your blasphemous self without restraint as there are those who suffer far greater penalties than whiny theist complaints on atheist forums.

I will start us off:

Fuck the Holy Spirit!

Fuck Allah!

Fuck Krishna! I am jealous he can fuck a hundred women at the same time though!

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Atheists are weird lol; but

Atheists are weird lol; but if this gives you catharsis then you have my support.

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John: "Atheists are weird lol

John: "Atheists are weird lol; but if this gives you catharsis then you have my support , "

If it makes you feel better you can blaspheme against Charles Darwin.

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chimp3: Fuck Krishna! I am

chimp3: Fuck Krishna! I am jealous he can fuck a hundred women at the same time though!

Indeed. Much more impressive than that bearded old fart Jehovah, who got just one teenage girl pregnant and then fooled her idiot relatives into thinking she was still a virgin. I suppose we should be relieved that Mary wasn't nine, like the girl that vile old pedophile Mohamed married.

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@ Algebe

@ Algebe
"who got just one teenage girl pregnant " actually "he" didn't or couldn't he had to get a proxy....and a third androgyn to actually tell her...some omnipotence there other words couldn't get it up, couldn't wakeher so she actually knew his mate was doing her and got another gay friend to tell her he used rohypnol to rape her and she was pregnant because of it all....sheesh.

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When Jesus was hanging there

When Jesus was hanging there on the cross, do you suppose he looked over at the two guys along side him and said......

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Jesus Christ ain't coming

Jesus Christ ain't coming again unless
he's jacking off!!!

Oh! But, if he dose come again, are all those
right wing Republican Christard Fundies
gonna swallow, or spit?!?

The Holy Ghost fucked another man's wife so
he can give birth to himself and have himself
crucified by Roman soldiers!

Yeah! Jesus committed suicide by cop!

Oh! By the way ..... September 30th will be
my 67th Birthday!

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BFH! How ya been? Long time,

BFH! How ya been? Long time, no see.

Luke 1:34-35
34 “How will this be,” Mary asked the angel, “since I am a virgin?” 35 The angel answered, “The Holy Spirit will come on you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the holy one to be born will be called[a] the Son of God.

"The holy spirit will come ON you...." Uh, anybody else notice the problem here?

Edit to add: The Holy Spirit pulls out?

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Are vituperations a

Are vituperations a requirement, or can we make solid points about the stupidity of religious beliefs that venerate an illiterate paedophile war lord, claim horses can fly, celebrate the barbarity of a crucifixion as a good thing, and the sheer absurdity of a virgin birth. Or that try to claim atheists are using subjective interpretation out of context when they read the Koran and bible literally as they were written.

What a load of fucking codswallop. They're vapid superstitions, nothing more.

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Actually, YHWH was fairly

Actually, YHWH was fairly busy making many miraculous births.

YHWH, the original rapist.


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Every year comes Easter

Every year comes Easter Sunday, I always wish everyone

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Jesus, the original peyote

Jesus, the original peyote eating hippy...

"But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you."

"Don’t think that I came to send peace on the earth. I didn’t come to send peace, but a sword."


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If Jesus ever comes again,

If Jesus ever comes again, then I hope somebody nails
his sorry ass back up on a cross and runs it
through a sawmill.

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Here's one my wife just sent

Here's one my wife just sent me.


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I like this game......

I like this game......

Buddha is a fat bastard.
Romulus eats goat turds/
Eupheme sucks Buddha balls
Euterpe never wrote anything worth while.
Zelos and Zeus were gay. That's not an insult, just a fact.
Yoda isn't real and that should be an insult to the Jedists out there.
Saturn was never a real God like Santa
Uranus was appropriately named.
Calypso couldn't find his way out of a paper sack.
Kali is a complete fraud and is the god of nothing.
Sarpedon was always a mamma's boy.

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When Jesus Christ said "let

When Jesus Christ said "let the little children come
unto me" he really wanted to come on to the children!!!

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Yea, and he started an

Yea, and he started an international pedophile ring. Be a priest he said, and you get all the young boys you desire.

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Well, you know what they say.

Well, you know what they say... "A young man, wearing nothing but a linen garment, was following Jesus. When they seized him, 52 he fled naked, leaving his garment behind." MArk 14:51-52

Evidence suggests Jesus himself was arrested for doing little naked boys.

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Prayer is like masturbation.

Prayer is like masturbation. Feels good but does not do much for the person your thinking of!

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Well . . . . it's now

Well . . . . it's now September 30th of 2019 and it's my birthday again, and also . . .

OK, now I'm going to blaspheme! So, here goes!

Who is the most powerful person in the whole world? Well, it is said that the office of
the President of the United States, is the most powerful in the world. yes, I have heard
that said many of times.

But, actually . . . . . NO!!!

The most powerful man in the world, is a Catholic priest! Yes! That's right! Go to any local
Catholic church in your community, any Catholic church that might be in the neighborhood
where you live, or just a few blocks down the road from where you live. Doesn't matter.

Behold, your local Catholic priest! He truly has awesome powers beyond belief! OK, picture
this scenario . . . . . . . Imagine God . . . the creator of the universe, or Jesus himself, who is
supposedly the son of God, or God incarnate in the flesh, as he had claimed in the BUYBULL.

Anyway, now picture this . . . the creator of the COSMOS, this enormously vast universe
extending for many many billions and billions of light years in all directions, with its billions
or perhaps trillions of galaxies, each having hundreds of billions or stars, and giant elliptical
galaxies with trillions of stars! Yeah! Imagine a god that created all of that!

Now, the local Catholic priest does a little thing called "Communion" and holds up a little
round unleavened cracker and a little cup of wine, and calls it the body and blood of Christ.
And we are suppose to believe that the cracker and the wine is actually transformed into
God's flesh and blood. That is called . . . . . . . TRANSUBSTANTION!

I call it . . . . . BULLSHIT!!!

Well . . . . . anyway . . . . the Priest, by simply holding up the little round cracker and the
cup of wine, can call down the creator of this vast COSMOS to become the cracker and
the wine. Yeah! REALLY!!! REALLY!!! REALLY!!! And we are suppose to believe this crap?

That's right! The creator of this vast COSMOS is now obliged to descend down from the
COSMOS, down through the billions upon billions billions of light years, past all those
distant galaxies, and down to this insignificant little mote of dust, that we tiny microbes
call, our Planet Earth, and enter into the little round cracker and the cup of wine.

The priest eats the cracker and drinks from the cup, thus eating God's flesh and drinking
God's blood. Oh! What awesome powers the priest has!!! Also, he has the power to
forcibly thrust his foul-smelling, smega encrusted penis into the mouths of little children
which he has been doing for most of his life and getting away with it!

Oh! What powers the priest has! He eats God's flesh and drinks God's blood!
And he screws your children!!!

Then Gods flesh and blood goes down the priest's esophagus into his stomach
and down into his intestines. God's blood is filtered by the kidneys and his flesh
passes through the intestines. Eventually God's flesh is crapped out and God's
blood is pissed out, only to go swirling down the commode! Yeah! Like, God goes
down the crapper, and into the sewers!

Around the world, communion is performed a billion times each day, and a billion
times each day, God, the almighty creator of the COSMOS goes swirling down
the crapper and into the sewers!

Now, if this is all true . . . then . . . . . why are all the churches built above ground?

Would it not be more appropriate, that on Sundays, when all the good little Christard
moronic sheep go to church . . . . . should they not instead, go to the nearest manhole
cover, lift it up, and climb down the ladder to the sewers below the city streets?

And then . . . . . kneel down in the sewage . . . and pray, over again and again . . . my Lord
and my God . . . . . my Lord and my God . . . . . my Lord and my God!!! Amen!!!

Yeah! If someday, I ever see a Catholic priest, or any minister who does Communion, I would
like to approach him, and say to him . . . . . "See that manhole cover over there? Lift it up and
climb down the ladder. Down there is your church! Down there in the sewers below, is your God"!!!

Well . . . . . it's getting late, and I need to log some sack time.

I'll be back!

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I will focus on the root of

I will focus on the root of fascism/socialism: Islam.
Will attempts be made to censor?
Pay attention.

Some Q(uestions).

Does an idol worshiper squeal and whine
whenever their idol is "insulted"?
If so, can they be said to be "like" swine?

If the House of Islam employs a male central figure idol,
and the "believing" worshipers worship the idol,
might one expect them to squeal
and whine upon "insulting" the idol?

If so, is the House of Islam like
a house of swinery linking
men of a sausagehood
who whine and squeal
over "insults" of a dead
polygamous genocidal pig
of a pedophile man?

If Muhammadans read this and "feel" insulted: that is because they worship Muhammad. If they did not worship Muhammad, they would not feel insulted, at all. Stop worshiping the man, and they will stop taking offense and stop "believing" people who ridicule Muhammad are speaking "hate speech". Muhammad spoke "hate speech" via waging war against "unbelievers" for not "believing" his insane "belief"-based ideology. See now why the commandment exists "though shalt not bear a false testimony against thy neighbor"? If their "believing" asses had not "believed" that one can take a true testimony of a dead man (shahada - mandatory for all Muslims) they would not have adopted the idol Muhammad in the first place... yet, they claim to worship the Abrahamic god? But, certainly, they can not even join Islam without violating multiple commandments? What stupidity is this?

"O! You who "BELIEVE"!
Do you not "KNOW"?
Know what? they say.
What NOT to "believe".

Define 'peace'.

man:woman (ratio)
1:1 = Genesis Eden
1:4 = Muhammadan Men
1:9 = Muhammad
1:72 = Islamic Paradise
Islam closer to, or further from Edenic state?
Downhill and downhill and downhill.
In "belief"-based Islam, evil is good and good is evil.
Upside-down, backwards and (these people are) stupid.


In Islam, if a woman is raped, do men accuse the woman of being at fault?
If yes = os1 present
If no = os1 not present
return: ***PRESENT***
Islam is the os0.[in perpetuity]
woman wear the iniquity of men
hijab/niqab as "protection" against men
who rape and accuse the victim.

Man is at fault, not woman.
Man blames woman for fault of man.
Blame/scapegoat ad infinitum = Islam.

Islam is the OPPOSITE of peace.
Islam is the perpetuation of WAR.

BELIEF is not a virtue.
Knowing what not to "believe" is.

See, Islam is pure idol worship. They will say with their mouths:

"the Qur'an is the perfect and final revelation of god!"
The Qur'an is evolved from Syriac Christian strophic hymnal apocrypha which suffered Arabic being imposed over top of it over a long period of time. It is man-handled and man-made, along with Islam and sharia-based law. Muslims "believe" they are installing god's law (ie. sharia) but are installing 7th century barbarism over 21st century enlightenment. Islam is 'stuck' in the 7th century of "belief"-based thinking.

Perfect book/man=graven image (creates stagnation).

"Islam is a religion of peace!"
Opposite is true: Islam is a religion of perpetual conflict of "BELIEVER" vs. "UNBELIEVER".

"Islam is the only acceptable religion and will dominate the planet!"
Real fascist supremacism. Watch out: they will blame supremacism (along with everything else they suffer themselves) on whoever they can, including racially (ie. white people). Supremacism is not a racial problem, it is an ideological one. Islam is a supremacist ideology and the root of fascism/socialism. They blame it on Jews but, hey, the most religious element of Islam is scapegoating onto others the iniquities of their own house.

"we do not worship Muhammad!"
Idol worship test: are they willing to spill blood over over?
yes = worship
no = no worship
If Muhammadans did not worship Muhammad, they would not spill blood and/or whine/squeal over criticisms of him.

"we do not associate partners with Allah!"
...except Muhammad, who if one emulates they are necessarily obeying Allah.

"we do not eat swine!"
Acting like it is enough.

How many women were derived from Adam's rib?
Does it take a "believer" to "believe" themselves entitled to more than one woman?

Define "patriarchy".
Define "scapegoating".
Define "accusation".

The day they lose their ability to scapegoat/accuse others and have "believing" witch mobs "believe" the problem is *not* Islam, is the day Islam is known to be the problem it is: a humanitarian crisis that will likely blow up into WW3 in/as "believers" vs. "unbelievers".

We have the algorithm(s). They are afraid - and unlike "Islamophobia", this fear is absolutely rational.
They stand only to lose it all, and FISA brings down the house (of...?).

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A Gnostic Agnostic - Will

A Gnostic Agnostic - Will attempts be made to censor?

Unfortunately; word salad and numerology don't seem to be against the rules.

Nyarlathotep's picture
A Gnostic Agnostic -

A Gnostic Agnostic -
1:1 = Genesis Eden
1:4 = Muhammadan Men
1:9 = Muhammad
1:72 = Islamic Paradise

Equating ratios of integers with words? New Age maths at its finest.

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See Attachment

See Attachment


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OK, September 30th,

OK, September 30th, International Blasphemy Rights Day is almost over, so I shall
blaspheme one more time.

Oh! What a pathetic "God" these Christard Fundies love to worship!

He had supposedly created all the universe in just six days, and then he rested on
the seventh day. Yeah, the almighty creator got tired and had to take a snoozer!

How pathetic!

Then, there was the time when God tried to help the army of Israel against an enemy
nation, but he could not defeat them, because they had chariots of iron, while Israel
only had wooden chariots.

Yeah! The creator of the COSMOS, where stars fuse hydrogen and helium into the heavier
elements up to iron. Only when stars go nova, or super nova, or hyper nova, through nuclear
fusion can elements beyond iron be made, up to uranium.

So, the "God" who created the universe was able to make iron, and yet . . . . . he could not
defeat an enemy because they had iron chariots!

Now, according to Revelations, in the New Testament (the New Excrement) their will be a coming
apocalypse before Jesus comes again to defeat the enemy, in the coming battle of Armageddon!

Now, if "God" could not defeat an enemy nation because they had primitive iron chariots, then just
wait until Jesus Fucking H Christ comes again, and sees the iron chariots we have now!

We have army tanks weighing over 100 tons that can go over 70 miles per hour and leap into the
air about the feet off the ground, come back down with a heavy thud, rocking backing and forth
and hitting another rise in the ground to leap into the air again.

So, Jesus the son looks down, sees our tanks, and goes back up to his heavenly father.

Then "God" the father says . . . . . "Son, why aren't you fighting down there like you're suppose to?"

Then, Jesus Fucking H Christ says . . . . . "Uh, pops! ya remember that enemy that you could
not defeat because they had chariots of iron? Just take alook down there and see what kind of
iron chariots they have now"!!!

And so, "God" looks down from his heavenly throne (his golden toilet, because he's full a crappola) and
sees what'sgoing on down there and says . . . . . . .


Yeah! Maybe we should just call off this whole Armageddon thing!

Yeah pops! I hear ya!


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