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It's just bread

During communion the priest of the Catholic Church will usually announce “this is the bread of Christ, take this and you shall partake the everlasting life”. We all know that it was just bread, so how can it lead someone to eternal life? It is some sort of passport to heaven?

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LOL mystic it certainly is

LOL mystic it certainly is just bread, but people are so branwashed with this doctrine that they actually feel clansed and blessed as soon as they ingest this little piece of bread (which by the way goes great with condensed milk). I used to grab a bunch from the chapel in my school and eat them like candy. My friends would tell me I would go to hell for that. Only another kid would dare to do it too.

It's fun to remember those days and to realize that I was never like those people. I never let those teachings take my identity away from me or turn me into a Jesus fearing puppet.

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LOL, why would you go to hell

LOL, why would you go to hell, you were immediately you know, cleansed of your sin and blessed by eating the fruit of your loot!

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Look up the creepy concept

Look up the creepy concept "transubstantiation".

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They had an awesome X Files

They had an awesome X Files episode about that back in the day. It kept me up for weeks!

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Creepy indeed! Have anyone

Creepy indeed! Have anyone heard about the bread with some blood occurred on it during mass. It's one of the miraculous stuffs that the Catholic Church is proud of aside from some apparitions

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They are, aren't they? Funny,

They are, aren't they? Funny, if such a strange event happened in anyone else's house or with anyone else's bread, they'd decry it as witchcraft.

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I think it's not just bread,

I think it's not just bread, they should actually serve a nice grilled sandwich at least. You want to be a good christian, then make some sandwiches for the people LOL!

Jokes aside, the whole bread thing is so ridiculous that it kind of upsets me how some people think it can actually be holy.

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To you I give on to thee this

To you I give on to thee this Holy grilled cheese sandwich, yeah that would certainly get me going to church more often.

Jokes aside I think a healthy sized serving of symbolic french toast would definitely get me in there if it came with real maple syrup.

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I think I'd have an easier

I think I'd have an easier time believing in the blood and body of Christ if it were presented in the form of a nice, medium rare prime rib with a side of pleasantly spiced au jus.

Although humans most resemble pigs in metabolic structure, so perhaps Jesus should be presented as a pork chop. I'll suspend disbelief and let the blood be Shiraz - no one drinks pig's blood.

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Have a look at this!! don't

Have a look at this!! don't think it would be good on a burger but the catholics are pissed!

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I remember being in my

I remember being in my (Catholic) kindergarten, and freaking the eff out when they told me that I had to partake of the blood and body of Christ. I was inconsolable, crying and screaming "Cannibals!" at the top of my lungs for the entire hour it took my Father to leave his office and come and get me. Apparently I was scaring the other children, who otherwise had no problems eating bits of human flesh...

He got me in the car, and was pretty pissed off that he had to leave work. He shut me right up and said "Jesus, it's just bread!" I knew better from the tone of his voice than to ask any questions after that, but I was sent home again the following week for shouting "Jesus, it's just bread!" when presented with the sacrament.

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That was a funny story!

That was a funny story!

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Even little children knows

Even little children knows the reality behind such bread and how fool adults are to make themselves believe that those bread are indeed body of Christ.

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It's mainly just symbolism

It's mainly just symbolism and anyone who thinks too much into it has been fooled by Catholicism. It's none of my business, so I just let them be with their traditions and "blessings".

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Agreed, but I actually think

Agreed, but I actually think it's a great, no make that a brilliant, marketing move. Just think about it, after a night of debauchery when your hung over and don't really quite remember what you did last night you can be absolved of all your sin given a hangover cure. Probably saved the priests a lot of time in confession too, hmm perhaps I should go to church right now, scratch that I don't want to share the same glass with everybody else.

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A brilliant marketing move on

A brilliant marketing move on the part of the bakeries also. There's simply no other way to sell those wretched dry communion wafers.

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Not the bread of Christ but

Not the bread of Christ but the body of Christ. :)
Definitely it was just a bread and those who eats it know it. I am a Catholic and I know it was just a bread, it was said to be the body for symbolic purposes as we know that any religion have ways or terms to represent their beliefs and faith. It is definitely not a passport in Heaven, what we become or what are our deeds could be. :)

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Yeah right, it can't be a

Yeah right, it can't be a passport to heaven but it was written in the bible that Jesus said "I am the way the truth and the life" according to the teachings of the Catholic church, only through receiving Jesus can lead us to heaven. If the bread symbolizes Jesus, then receiving it simply means receiving Jesus as well. Why would the church requires children around 9 years old or older to receive their first communion? It's because that bread means a lot for Catholics and they even give it to dying people believing that it can save them from eternal fire. Yet, the fact remain that it was just bread.

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LOL at the sandwiches I would

LOL at the sandwiches I would love to go to church if they had a nice grilled cheese sandwich for each mass.

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mmmmm yeah especially it they

mmmmm yeah especially it they were nice gourmet ones served hot with a side of wine!

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A grilled cheese eggs

A grilled cheese eggs benedict!

Zaphod's picture
Good one Pierce! Hi I would

Good one Pierce! Hi I would like the grilled Eggs Benedict to go please and a glass of wine!

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Sounds yummy. A lot might be

Sounds yummy. A lot might be a daily visitor of Churches if that symbolic bread is a sandwich. :P

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