Jesus as described in the bible...

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Jesus as described in the bible...

Jesus was described as Son of God and God himself in the bible. Christians believe that he is indeed the God. this is quite confusing so here's an article about it. Let us know about your thoughts...

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First, christians believe..

First, christians believe...that's the first problem. Belief requires no proof.

Second, I do not think jesus was the son of god because God does not exist.

Third, quote from the link in the OP:
"I think it is vital to look at what the Bible—the Word of God—says about the matter."
I do not think the bible is the word of god since God does not exist.

You asked for thoughts, there are three of mine.

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I don't have any thoughts

I don't have any thoughts about this. For me there's nothing to think about.

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Yardgal, thanks for a

Yardgal, thanks for a straightforward answer. That's your point of view and I understand why.

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Theres a 500 year old book of

Theres a 500 year old book of the bible that was found recently claiming paul was a false apostle jeasus was not son of god but a prophet was not crucified judas was and jeasus disappeared.
Its not been confirmed by the church for obvious reasons. If its not a fake though it gives you something to consider because its yet more evidence of christianity just making crap up.

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